23 January 2016

"TUCHT": A "Different" Child Abuse Theme Movie in Pre-production

We must utilize Hollywood not only to Entertain, but to Educate and Inspire.
~ Ossie Davis (Actor)

UNáTI is truly Important and Heroic work. ~ Maya Angelou (Author, Poet, Actress)

UNáTI is a Sanskrit word that means The Healing Power of the Performing Arts. Tucht is an independent feature film that has been garnering significant industry attention based on the exceptional reception of the script due to its controversial yet inspiring subject-matter and support from the makers of Oscar-winning films (Ali, A Beautiful Mind, About Schmidt).

"Tucht is the Hero’s Journey story, and in the case of our film, it's the Heroine’s (the protagonist) and the Anti-Hero’s (antagonist) journeys, as well as those of three other characters whose stories are intertwined. The question is: who will breakthrough the horrors of the past and present to an enlightened future, and who will not?”
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer 

Check Out Film Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with A Touch of Grace on BlogTalkRadio

Tucht is a psychological-thriller with dark-comedy elements inspired by the true-stories of eight (8) remarkable lives told through five (5) adult characters who are child abuse survivors.

"As a survivor of multiple child abuse incidences, I can tell you that Tucht shines a light on the deep, destructive, chain-effect ‪PTSD‬ cycle; and how the powers of love and forgiveness can help survivors to BREAK that cycle."
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

We hope you enjoyed the podcast about this project with GD Grace (the producer/host), Alex Molina (Creative Director, ASAOPE--Writer/Director, Tucht), Anthony Commodore (Senior Producer, Tucht), and me, Valerie Michele Oliver (Director/Co-Executive Producer, Tucht).

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30 December 2015

All My Life -- A Song About Unrequited Love & Love Feelings

"All My Life" is about unrequited love and the person who is in love speaking their heart to another person. I'm sure some of you have experienced this in your relationships. I know that I have. Can you imagine your best friend being in love with you, telling you so, and you not feeling the same way? You love your friend but are not in love with her or him.

Can you then imagine awakening in the middle of the night by a song in your head that you are compelled to record immediately so you don't forget the lyrics or music? You sing it into a micro-cassette recorder. Then, can you imagine finding out that your friend died that night and some of the lyrics were words he/she used all the time? What a miraculous gift to receive.
The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is a component of The Healing Artist Studio Project. Simply read the description at the top of this blog to learn what it's all about.

"All My Life" is one of the songs dedicated to this project, and has been recorded in a number of versions as you can see in the widget that has all the songs on my profile page at ReverbNation.com. It's been in the Top 10 in the Jazz category a number of times in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. Every time some anyone plays, shares, samples, arranges, produces, remixes or performs this song, energy is added to the intent to heal child abuse in ALL it's forms and everyone who is touched or affected by it.

 It's time to listen to "All My Life" (Adult Contemporary, Original Accapella Version).
Or, you can listen to the Nu-Jazz, Ambient or Jazz Instrumental versions below.

Note: The Pursuit Studio logo is used for all my songwriting though it's not an official company at this time.

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24 November 2015


Just a quick post here today to let you know that my father died (January 18, 1933 - November 23, 2015). He passed away peacefully in the nursing home in which he resided. I am so grateful for loving family and friends, and plan to post something about my dad here in the future. My family thanks you in advance for your condolences, prayers, and well wishes for us.

20 November 2015

Arnaud Quercy Gifts Piano Jazz Version of "All My Life" To End Child Abuse

FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT: In the summer of 2011, French music artist and YouTube sensation ARNAUD QUERCY became a contributor to the project. Arnaud wrote a fresh, new arrangement of the love song, "All My Life" with the intention of the project in mind, and interprets his arrangement through his heart. He is a native of France but he lives and records in London.

Arnaud has become an international sensation through his own special Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project shared on YouTube that has attracted a large following; it is based on a dare from a colleague at a Christmas party to become proficient at playing jazz piano. 
The Piano Jazz Project began in January 2010 and at that time had close to over 171,790 viewers and over 2,230 supportive comments!

I discovered Arnaud's special Piano Jazz based on YouTube after discovering it on Facebook in one of the music groups, and asked if he would accept my commissioning him to arrange a version as a gift to the Reach 4 Freedom Project. Immediately, he accepted! Arnaud uploaded "All My Life" as part of his piano jazz project on Wednesday, June 22, 2011.  His video of the song received over 9,000 views (plays), over 320 "likes" and over 350 positive comments at that time.


"All My Life" is the first song I dedicated to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project. Every time this song is played, produced, arranged, recorded, shared by ANYONE -- all the energy generated by ALL activity with this song is dedicated to solutions for child abuse in the world.

Arnaud, many thanks for your gracious gift to this project. Your version is c'est ci bon! May you continue to have the success you desire to claim and share!

UPDATE: I am happy to have heard from Arnaud that he and his family are safe, and were not injured during the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Thank God! 

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14 November 2015


The "Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project" needs the support of people in the music industry (and supporting areas) to be the earth angels, angel investors, sponsors, supporters, whatever you want to call yourself who support taking this project to completion.

Already, many of you have answered the call to play the songs I've written and shared on ReverbNation and Soundcloud. Your support on ReverbNation brought me and my songwriting from the low 300s rank in the NY/NJ/CT/PA local area to Top 30's this week. I believe we can generate more energy through plays and listens there to reach the Top 10, maybe even Number ONE.

Although I am grateful for the generous words people have left as testimonials for me on ReverbNation and Soundcloud for my songwriting under my company name, The Pursuit Studio, I know I'm not a great singer. The songs need YOU, the gifted, talented professional producers, singers-vocalists, musicians, arrangers, promoters, engineers to "knock these songs so far out of the park" that they become stars in our beautiful universe of music.

Here are the specific goals I've identified to make the dream a reality:
  • Get the songs produced so that you music artists will record the songs on CDs and/or make them available online for downloading where your music is featured so they get played and played in as many genre as possible

  • Produce a new arrangement of one of the songs

  • Produce a CD for the project to which you music artists contribute your own songs (either already written or songs written specifically for the CD project)
  • Put the song on a Mixtape of yours

  • Identify the best ways to use money generated by the music sales to help end this problem
COPYRIGHT: Please follow the Creative Commons 3.0 license requirements. You can use the songs I've written for noncommerical purposes and must attribute the music by name to me as the composer. Share all arrangements and remixes by sending the songs to me via email attachments or provide download links to them so I can listen and contact you to feature you and the song here on this blog, on music sites, social media, and perhaps The Healing Artist Studio Project radio channel.  If interested in commercial use of my music in any form, please contact me at: oliver.valerie@gamil.com.

On a personal note, the photo on the page is of me. I was abused by two adults as a child: a male and female.
I've forgiven them both. I had a near death experience a couple of years ago that helped me to awaken to a deep compassion for what I experienced and for the people who hurt me. As children, none of us dream of growing up to be a child abuser. So this project is also dedicated to healing the child within adults who find themselves trapped in this nightmare. I was brought back to life to be of service in this way, to continue my own healing, and to enjoy life to the fullest!

I look forward to working on this music project with those of you who step up and reach out to make the dream a reality.

Lots of blessings, light and love to you,


NOTE: Special thanks to Neil Alexander (The Busiest Man I Know).


29 June 2014

Songwriter PAUL HIGHLAND Creates Tribute To Child Suicide Resulting from Bullying (Bullycide)

I discovered the music of PAUL HIGHLAND this morning after he became a fan of my music on @ReverbNation. He wrote the music for and composed this special video as a tribute to children who committed suicide due to bullying (Bullycide). Touched my heart and I'm sharing it with you all today. Thank you @Paul Highland Music.

20 June 2014

Fund Val's Legal Fees for Feature Film About Child Abuse at GoFundMe.com

Update: THANK YOU to those of you who have contributed and continue to contribute. I am becoming a member of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to receive legal support for this project!

I am a producer/director for a film production about child abuse (See Blog Post about the film.) 

It's a GROUNDBREAKING, INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM that is receiving support by the makers of the Academy Award-winning films "Ali", "About Schmidt", and "A Beautiful Mind", for which the production company wants to offer me a deal memo now, and a contract later when funding is complete (the film has a major portion of the funding secured), that needs to be reviewed and negotiated. 
(Read More.)

14 March 2014

Reach 4 Freedom Listed As Resource on Innovative Child Abuse Reporting System Designed for Schools

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is grateful to be included as a resource LINK on the CHILD ABUSE ANTI BULLYING SYSTEM (CAABS) for Schools based in the U.K. 

According to the creator of CAABS:

“My mission is two fold, firstly to help aid the authorities in raising children's awareness as to what constitutes child abuse. It is intended that the Reporting Page images will help promote discussion and ultimately the children's understanding of the various genre, and secondly to help break down the barriers that are currently preventing children from reporting child abuse and other social issues that are causing them distress."

“My aim is to encourage children to SHOUT about their experience, to know instinctively where they can report it."

“My goal is to enable children to report abuse within a few seconds without the need to write or talk to anyone and to aid schools in recognising where to target their valuable resources and budgets effectively.”

Children are often warned and threatend not to tell anyone. Using a computer isn't the same as havng to muster the courage to speak or write to a person.

You can learn more about the CAABS pioneering solution by visiting the web site.

Those of us who support what Reach 4 Freedom is about are aware that this is great as solution in the immediate sense, but we still need solutions that heal the cycle of abuse: the abused that become abusers--the mental, emotional, electromagnetic, and spiritual imbalances. The CAABS contribution is great, and it will increase the workload for social workers who are already over-worked, under-paid, and stressed out to the max! How about some solutions to help the professionals responsible for child welfare and protective services keep up with what is demanded of them. Ideas?

Thank you to the creator of CAABS for including this project on your links page. More Page Views = More Energy for Innovative Answers and Solutions to Heal and End Child Abuse!

13 March 2014

TUCHT Feature Film Project To Collaborate with Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

I am very happy and grateful to announce my becoming the director of and a co-producer for the independent feature film, TUCHT, an ASAOPE Independent Filmworks production with support from the makers of the OSCAR-winning films ABOUT SCHMIDT, ALI, and A BEAUTIFUL MIND. (Visit my Internet Movie Database page).

TUCHT is a raw, gritty psycho-thriller/dark-comedy inspired by the true-story of eight (8) remarkable lives that depicts - unflinchingly - the exigent social-welfare issue of Child Abuse, and its related issues of Suicidal-Depression, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, and Homicidal-Tendencies. TUCHT shares the undeniably proven POWER of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS to heal even the most horrific of human conditions.

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project will be involved with the film in a way to be determined. This is hopeful news for introducing more people to this healing project to generate even more energy to heal child abuse on our planet. It's no coincidence that the film production company name is ASAOPE. It comes from the Sanskrit language and means "The Healing Power of the Performing Arts."

Please give yourselves a hand, a thunderous round of applause, because I believe all of your support through visiting this page, playing the music, mixing the music, arranging the music, producing the music, sharing about this project, and any other actions related to it, have helped to make this possible. Thank you so much. We are the change that we have been seeking!

Visit the Tucht Facebook page for updates about the film.

17 February 2014

"All My Life" is #1 on the ReverbNation Local Region Jazz Chart!

"All My Life" (Nu-Jazz) remains #1 on the ReverbNation Local-Regional Jazz Chart, the Top 1200 on the National Jazz Chart, and the Top 2000 on the Global Jazz Chart! Thanks to everyone who keeps playing, sharing, producing and arranging this music that is part of the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project--an energy generating project dedicated to healing child abuse in the world. ♥ IMAGINE no more child abuse.

PLAY "All My Life" (NuJazz, Produced/Arranged by Briarus)

09 September 2013

Producer & Remixer Jason Bullington Working on House Version of "WHERE'S IT AT?"

JASON BULLINGTON, Senior Vice President of Windfall Music Management Investments & Entertainment, LLC, is working on a House Music version of "Where's It At?", another song that is dedicated to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project.

So far, he has put time and energy into an Electronic House version, sent me a sample to check out, and is now producing another sample to consider for this project. I will post these samples when Jason gives me the okay.

Since Jason is also in the film industry, I let him know that the director/filmmaker of a new feature film reached out to me about including music from this project in it. Jason is preparing samples that I can share with the director, and Jason can then fully produce the best sample for inclusion in the soundtrack. That's what this project is about: collaborating, producing, sharing and playing the music infused with love and healing vibrations to end child abuse.

- Listen to the original, a capella version of "Where's It At?"

Jason is currently a contestant in the Natural Born Hitters Remix Contest and could use our help. CLICK HERE to vote for Jason by LIKING his remix. This project is happy to support Jason. It's all about giving and receiving--good karma.

Thank you so much, Jason, for being a power of example and contributing to Reach 4 Freedom!

02 July 2013

One of the TOP 10 Songwriters on ReverbNation Local Jazz Chart for Northern, NJ!

WHOA! Congratulations and THANK YOU to all of you who continue to play these songs dedicated to healing child abuse on our planet in all forms. 

ALL MY LIFE is in the Top 10 on the Local Jazz Chart for Northern, NJ at #9.

Energy is POWER, and we are using it in love for anyone and everyone affected by child abuse (the abused, the abusers, families . . . whatever it takes to end it in loving and healthy ways).

The Story Behind the Song, All My Life
My best friend at the time was Ann Taylor. Ann was in her 80's, and always loved me unconditionally. It was a few days before Thanksgiving. I awakened in the middle of the night with a song. So, I grabbed my tape recorder, sang it, and went back to sleep. The next day, I called Ann to make arrangements to pick her up for Thanksgiving. No answer. More calls. No answer. I asked another friend to drop by her place. She later called to tell me Ann passed away. I know Ann's parting gift was ALL MY LIFE because one the lyric in the refrain: Oh, my darling. She used to always call me her darling. I sang it at her memorial service to an ovation. I know that Ann is blessing this award-winning project!

How You Can Help
Since June 2012, I've not been able to devote ANY time to posting on this blog, or reaching out to those of you who are in the music industry to arrange, produce, mix, remix, and record ALL MY LIFE and WHERE'S IT AT to introduce the music (and the mission) to a wider audience. My work as a partner in Media Classics production company based in the U.K. and practice at the Healing Artist Studio project has been keeping me very busy. It's news like this that keeps me motivated when I feel I'm falling short in my dedication to this project, and fear I can't keep it going. You are the ones who keep it going! Thanks for all the playing, sharing, and and other contributions of which I may not even be aware. Here's what else can be done to support this project:
  • Become a benefactor of or sponsor for this blog
  • Sponsor an event on The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel to honor the contributors to and collaborators for this project
  • License one of the songs for your film, TV or other project
  • Co-produce or co-write for this blog project
  • Promote or publicize this project on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, blog, in your newsletters, and other media
  • Dedicate some of your own music to this project
  • Dedicate your music podcast or mix to this project
  • Executive produce or sponsor a music competition for the best versions of these songs in different music categories
  • Record one or both of the songs on your next music project
  • Share ideas
Call Valerie Michele (that's me) at 973.750.8654 or email oliver.valerie@gmail.com.

You all ROCK!

06 March 2013

SOLUTION: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women (and Girls) Worldwide | Book & Documentary Film Project

This is a book and documentary film project that I learned about through a post by Rose Winstanley-Trefz (Worldwide Women's Support Circle) in the Women As Visionaries group on Facebook. Eliminating the human trafficking of girls and women is one goal, and the written and visual projects support change in any area where oppression and degradation occur. 
It's projects like these that THIS PROJECT supports through ENERGY INTENTION for creative answers and solutions of all kinds. I see this project as loving and caring solution EVIDENCE. Keep it coming!
"I have just started listening to the audio book of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. This is an amazing book filled with so many eye opening examples of the nightmares facing so many girls and women worldwide. We must end human trafficking, as only one example. Please share this clip! If you have a book club, please read the book! It is critical to join in this movement to wake-up and end these inhumane acts against our worlds girls/women NOW!

'With Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn as our guides, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide undertakes an odyssey through Africa and Asia to meet the extraordinary women struggling there. Now, the documentary takes viewers to meet social entrepreneurs in Cambodia and Kenya, women leaders in Somaliland and India, and Americans partnering with many kinds of local change-makers.

See how a little help can transform the lives of women and girls abroad. That Cambodian girl eventually escaped from her brothel and, with assistance from an aid group, built a thriving retail business that supports her family. The Ethiopian woman had her injuries repaired and in time became a surgeon. A Zimbabwean mother of five, counseled to return to school, earned her doctorate and became an expert on AIDS.' " 

01 March 2013

EJ Flavors (The Podfather), Dedicates His "250 (Twofiddy)" Music Podcast to Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

EJ Flavors (Life is a Remix), known in music podcast circles as the Godfather of Podcasting, The Podfather and other nomenclature, has dedicated one of his most recent music mixes to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project.

This is GREAT since EJ has earned the listening ears of many fans, and the respect of many other podcasters and DJs, for the variety, quality, and longevity of his work in the indie entertainment industry. Jet magazine featured him on the cover of one of their issues.

The Podfather's middle name must be "supportive" because he always reaches back when people reach his way. It was a pleasure to have him as a co-host and guest on The Healing Artist Studio (my Internet Blog Talk Radio radio channel) in 2010 focused on the Grammy Awards when EJ was selected by The Grammy's as the official blogger for the R&B category. Also, he participated on the channel as a special guest for the Best Humanitarian & Inspirational Indie Tracks 2010.

Remember, this project is an ENERGY GENERATOR fueled by the existence of this project, the number of visits, the number of plays, the number of shares, the number of fans, the number of contributors and collaborators, and the good will, thoughts, intentions, and prayers of all of us committed to ending child abuse on this planet in all forms.

CLICK to GENERATE more ENERGY to The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project by playing and sharing 250 (Twofiddy)!

Much thanks and love, EJ!

Preview of Tracklisting:
01 – Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count | `197602 – Ralf Gun Featuring Caron Wheeler – So Good | 2012  [site]
03 – Beef Wellington – Dedication featuring Mellissa Mya | 2010  [amazon]
04 – Mark DeClive Lowe featuring Nia Andrews – Hooligans } 2011 [amazon]
05 – Funkommunity – The Light  | 2012 [site]
06 – Bah Samba – It Tastes Good (DJ Spinna Vocal) | 2003 [amazon]
07 – 45 AKA Swing-O – Underground Superstar featuring Yu Sakai } 2008 [site]
08 – Alice Russell – Drinking Song Interlude | 2013 [amazon]
09 – Cooly’s Hot Box – Lose Your Friends | 2004  [amazon]
10 – D-Influence – Shake It | 1997  [amazon]
11 – DJ Kemit – Digital Connection featuring Carl McIntosh | 2012  [site]
12 – Swing Out Sister – Who’s Been Sleeping | 2004 [amazon]
13 – Bill Cosby – A Simple Love Affair | 1977 [amazon]
14 – Beady Belle – Saved | 2013  [facebook]
15 – Positive Flow – Stronger Than A Mountain featuring Heidi Vogel | 2012 [site]16 – Jose James – Heaven On The Ground featuring Emily King | 2013 [iTunes]

01 February 2013

Heal Child Abuse Music Project Collaboration: "All My Life" to Become Part of a Classical Composition

"All My Life" will be included in a classical composition by Arnaud Quercy as part of (what began as) his Piano Jazz Project. Arnaud has garnered a loyal global following for him and his project on YouTube. When you read the most recent statistics for the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project (if you haven't already done so), you will discover that Arnaud's project is the second (2nd) Top Site that supports this project due to his Piano Jazz Improvisation of "All My Life".

He is an example of commitment to a "higher calling" to one's passions and beliefs. For many years, Arnaud was employed in the banking industry. While sharing about his dream of becoming a jazz pianist with a friend, he was offered a challenge to follow his dream: the Arnaud Quercy Piano Jazz Project is the result. He's come a long way, and now, he find's himself attracted to classical compositions. A melody from "All My Life" will be included in his first classical piano composition planned to be completed by Summer 2013.

Merci Arnaud!

Here's Arnaud playing Bach at week #30.

20 June 2012

Twitter Post About Arnaud Quercy Including "All My Life" in Classical Music Picked Up By "Collaboration" E-Newspaper

Collaboration published by Tim Harrap featured "Heal Child Abuse Music Project Collaboration: "All My Life" to Become Part of a Classical Composition" in the Headlines section in their Wednesday, June 20, 2012 edition. The e-newspaper is dedicated to sharing news about a variety of collaboration projects around the globe in categories including technology, education, arts & entertainment, leisure, and business.

It's good to know that our Twitter tweets are continuing to be read, links are being clicked, and online publishers are finding the content newsworthy.

Much gratitude to @Tim_Harrap for informing his readers about this new collaboration with Arnaud from his home in France.

10 June 2012

"All My Life" Submitted to Film "Take A Seat Egypt"

Image Credit: Encompass Films
Hoping to get my song "All My Life" placed in the film, "Take a Seat Egypt"! Quote: "Take A Seat Egypt' was shot in June-August 2011 in the midst of the Arab uprising and has just begun post production. Air date is October 2012. There will be seven 30 minute episodes for NBC Universal Sports. Since the pilot is being shown at Cannes Film Festival this year it is likely to also sell internationally. 'Take A Seat Egypt' is the third documentary by Dominic Gill and Encompass Films based around his concept of using a tandem bicycle to travel through a region, inviting local strangers to jump on the back and share their stories whilst being part of an epic adventure . . . The exposure this documentary will receive represents an excellent opportunity for musicians wanting to get noticed and massively enhance their listening audience."

Yes, the exposure of the film will lead to increased exposure for "All My Life" that is dedicated to this project, so more, more, and more energy for solutions to end child abuse. In fact, part of the expansion-transitional plan for the project is beginning with submitting to Encompass Films today. It's taking a step toward the film industry. More about this in the future. Thanks for supporting the song and this project! ♥

09 June 2012

Top Sites Playing & Sharing the Heal Child Abuse Music Project (May 2009-May 2012)

These are the all time stats for the Top Sites supporting the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project since it was launched in May 2009. Once again I found myself questioning whether to keep this project going with my new activities focused on integrating my love of film, healing, literary, music, television, theater, and web projects. During Fall 2011, I became a partner in and creative director of a film production company based in the U.K. as the U.S. presence.

So I haven't posted anything here since February 2012; however, I guess the good news is that you can always continue to play the music and share the music to generate energy dedicated to this vital purpose. And you're doing just that with approx. 5,000 more energy charges during February 2012 to May 2012!

Last month, I participated in a special contest that awards $5,000 to an innovative idea that will have a healthy impact on our local, national or global communities. If I won, I planed to use the award to establish an nonprofit, hire a grant writer, hire a virtual assistant, and produce a music contest (which SoundCloud in Germany has agreed to host and provide an award). This project made it to the semifinalist round but not the finalists. So, I am considering where to go from here. I do have a idea that will transform and expand the project and will let you know more about it when it moves forward (positive intentions here).

These stats represent volts/charges of electromagnetic and creative consciousness energy for our collective purpose.

#1) ReverbNation.com: 29,929
All time totals: Profile visits (4,190) | Song plays at ReverbNation (1,339) | Registered fans via ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace (2,024) | Banner impressions (3,390) | Video Plays (23) | Widget player on four different sites - healchildabuse.blogspot.com, healingartiststudio.blogspot.com, creatorparrot.blogspot.com, facebook.com/oliver.valerie (18,963)

#2) YouTube | Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project: 12,363
All time views.

#3) IMRadio.com: 8,045
All time totals.

#4) Healchildabuse.blogspot.com (Reach 4 Freedom Blog): 4,679
All time total pageviews.

#5) SoundCloud.com: 2,260
All time totals for all versions of All My Life (2,024) and Where's It At? (216) including song plays, favorites, and downloads.

GRAND TOTAL (May 2009-May 2012): 57,280 (Rounded up)

Note: Stats that are not available are: 1) Plays and downloads of All My Life on the the Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves international compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment (Big shout out to Sean "Unda" Carter, Producer) and 2) plays and downloads on ccMixter of All My Life by Briareus (Nu Jazz & Ambient Remixes) and Valerie Michele Oliver (original a capella) track.

From my heart and spirit to yours, thank you.


25 February 2012

Twitter Post About New Moon Music Podcast Picked Up By Energy Healing E-Newspaper

Kokopelli by Allen Littlebear
New Wave #Energy #Healing News published by Reiki Master Marie Hart featured "Bossa Lounge: New Moon Magic" in the Headlines section in their Wednesday, February 22, 2012 edition. There are two versions of the Bossa Lounge podcast: one with host/producer comments about the healing energies in the podcast and the other is all music. The version picked up is the comments version.

The e-newspaper is dedicated to sharing "new wave" methods of healing child abuse and all forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It's good to know that our Twitter tweets are continuing to be read, links are being clicked, and online publishers are finding the content newsworthy.

Much gratitude to @HartReikiCURES for informing her readers about this special music podcast infused with healing energy.


23 February 2012

Spoken Word Artist Uses ALL MY LIFE (Smooth Jazz) As Score To Video Project On YouTube

Celestine McMullen Allen is the most recent new energy philantropist, contributor to the Reach for Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project. "Dancing to the Tunes of Life" is a spoken word - poetry project created by Celestine that  includes the Smooth Jazz concept of ALL MY LIFE as the score to her multimedia project available for viewing, listening, and sharing via her YouTube channel.

Celestine is the first spoken word artist to collaborate with this project, and we hope others will follow. Subscribe to her channel to view more videos. Much love and thanks to you Celestine for your support, and best wishes for success with all your current and future projects!

13 February 2012

Solutions: Michelle Obama for Let's Move | Neglect Of Our Children: Unhealthy Food and Little Movement

"We are our children's first and best role models." -- First Lady Michelle Obama for Let's Move

I just finished watching a video I discovered on my friend Gary's (From The G-Man's) blog that features First Lady Michelle Obama addressing a huge, multi-denominational gathering of faith-based communities in the U.S. Essentially she talks (in a diplomatic and graceful way) about how we as adults have participated in gross, pervasive child neglect, as the foods we supply and feed our children have led to an obesity epidemic; and how the lack of movement (through the proliferation of electronic devices) contributes to make it worse. She makes some excellent points through storytelling, fact sharing, and solution presentation.

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project includes supporting solutions for abuse and neglect in all it's forms. Some might say that the industries who create and promote products that contribute to this type of widespread neglect of our children's wellness are abusers. If that is accepted as truth, than we are abusers ourselves for being "oh so willing" consumer participants (silent partners). It's hard to point the finger at someone when there's one pointing right back at us. It's 2012. It's time to get real honest, put the judgment aside, and do what we can when we can. There are days when I don't want to do squat, and don't. I try not to feel guilty about being human. Today, I'm using my energy to create this post. It's my choice. My contribution. It feels like sweat equity with the compensation being evidence of solutions like Let's Move.

Some of you have experienced the benefits of energy for your own personal well-being through  healing arts practitioners (The Healing Artist Studio), Reiki Masters, Holistic Health practitioners, Medical Physicians, Feng Shui practitioners, Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, and other's who are masters at using energy (kinetic and potential energy forms: sound, light, heat, mechanical, gravitational, geopathic, electrical, chemical, nuclear, atomic, and one's we have yet to discover).

In the post titled "Top Sites Sharing & Playing Music Dedicated To the Heal Child Abuse Music Project," we learned that this project is experiencing success at generating high-focused intention energy using music (sound) vibratons for abuse/neglect solutions. Although I am one person, I show up here when I can to post the solutions and attempts at solutions I discover, but my eyes and ears are not everywhere, so please do send me news of innovative, creative solutions you discover that can be shared here.

We are creative geniuses. This project supports our coming up with a variety of solutions (such as the Let's Move movement championed by Michelle Obama that looks beyond our differences and joins us together in a common vision.

12 February 2012

Best Humanitarian & Inspirational Indie Tracks 2010 - Special ALL MUSIC Podcast

Kokopelli by Allen Littlebear
This is a Special ALL MUSIC podcast of the Best Humanitarian & Inspirational Indie Music Tracks of 2010. Even though the show aired in 2010, it keeps popping up in the top posts viewed at The Reach 4 Freedom blog. Instead of having to listen to all the interviews that precede the music in the live show podcast on The Healing Artist Studio radio channel, you can now listen to ALL MUSIC with some commentary and the complete track list at the very end.

The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel is an ENERGY GENERATOR for this blog. We can't do better than to offer energy from our hearts, and that's what's this is all about: love and healing solutions via sound vibrations.

These tracks are from the live podcast on The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel that featured EJ Flavors (the Godfather of Podcasting), Sean "Unda" Carter (Composer/Songwriter/Producer and CEO of Generation ME-X Entertainment), and me -- Valerie Michele (Songwriter, Podcaster, Producer & Host of The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel). EJ, Sean, and I selected the picks.

The live show features interviews with some of the music artists selected including Russel Blake, Coco O'Connor, Aleah Long, and Obi Kaye. Guest co-host is Yaniyah Pearson (Singer/Songwriter). Some notes: "Anyway" features Chaka Khan, "Home" features Replife, "Doin It Again" features John Legend, and "It Will Be" features Tony Momrelle.

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast of the LIVE show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingartiststudio/2011/01/23/the-top-humanitarian-inspirational-indie-music-of-2010-1.

Hope you enjoy our picks!
From The Healing Artist Studio (HAS)

Podcast Playlist (and who picked them!) 

0 Intro - Creator's Parrot Theme - Neil Alexander & Val Oliver (Val)
1. Anyway - Duck Sauce (Sean)  
2. Dub - Coco O'Connor (Val)
3. The Song feat. Chaka Khan -
Incognito (EJ)
4. Home feat. Replife -
Deborah Jordan (Val)
5. Mirrors -
Damn Funk (Sean)
6. Observe -
Deborah Jordan (EJ)
7. What If I Told You -
Aleah Long (Val)
8. Doin It Again feat. John Legend -
The Roots (Sean)
9. Prayer for Unity -
D-Influence (EJ)
10. It Will Be feat. Tony Momrelle -
Reel People (EJ)
11. Herbie -
Madlib (Sean)
12. Hard Time To Shine -
Coco O'Connor (Val)
13. Heal This Land -
Tina Malia (Val)
14. Children of the World -
Russel Blake (Val)
15. La Diosa del Mar -
Obi Kaye (Val)


03 February 2012

Top Sites Playing & Sharing Music Dedicated to the Heal Child Abuse Music Project

These are the all time stats for the Top Sites related to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project since it was launched in May 2009. Every once in a while I begin to question whether to end this project because I don't feel I'm devoting enough time to it.

Last year I began talking about reaching out to potential partners who would fund music contests for independent films as a way to increase visibility and greater participation, and even funding contests myself to create compilations of the best music versions of All My Life and Where's It At? Today isn't one of those days when I'm feeling like letting go of my belief and vision about using the power of our collective intention and music energy to create solutions to end child abuse.

Researching these statistics reminds me that this is a WE project. On Facebook, there's a group named Whispering Energy (WE). Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is all about the WE energy. We may not be a huge project that gets media attention, that's a popular trend with it's own crosshatch on Twitter, or recognized by the White House or some other large organization as an innovator for change on our planet, but we have been a presence in this world for approaching three years in May 2012. Who knows. This may be a breakout year.

At any rate, when we put our heads down on our pillows tonight, we do so knowing that we made a contribution to being the change we seek in the world by coming to this site; reading a post; playing a song; sharing a post on a social media site; including a link to this site in an email or a newsletter; arranging, producing, remixing, or recording a new version of All My Life or Where's It At?, or simply blessing this site and the end of child abuse.

These stats represent something like volts/charges of electromagnetic and creative consciousness energy for our collective purpose.

#1) ReverbNation.com: 25,960
All time totals: Profile visits (3,931) | Song plays at ReverbNation (1,306) | Registered fans via ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace (1,993) | Banner impressions (3,378) | Widget player on four different sites - healchildabuse.blogspot.com, healingartiststudio.blogspot.com, creatorparrot.blogspot.com, facebook.com/oliver.valerie (15,352) as of 02/02/12.

#2) YouTube | Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project: 12,174
All time views as of 02/03/12.

#3) IMRadio.com: 7,225
All time totals for profile page visits as of 02/03/12.

#4) Healchildabuse.blogspot.com (Reach 4 Freedom Blog): 3,190
All time total pageviews as of 02/03/12.

#5) SoundCloud.com: 2,240
All time totals for all versions of All My Life (2,024) and Where's It At? (216) including song plays, favorites, and downloads as of 02/03/12.

GRAND TOTAL (May 2009-January 2012): 50,750 (as of 02/03/12)

Note: Stats that are not available are: 1) Plays and downloads of All My Life on the the Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves international compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment (Big shout out to Sean "Unda" Carter, Producer) and 2) plays and downloads on ccMixter of All My Life by Briareus (Nu Jazz & Ambient Remixes) and Valerie Michele Oliver (original a capella) track.

From my heart and spirit to yours, thank you.

Top Countries, Browsers & Operating Systems: Heal Child Abuse Music Project (January 2012)

What are the TOP Locations from which people came to support the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project in January 2012? 

That's usually the statistic that gets shared here every couple of months (or when the space clears for me to check in on this project). I decided to expand them to include the Top Browsers and the Top Operating Systems being used by you. Is this important information that you need to know? Probably not. It's interesting to me to see how the use of technology is changing and perhaps it may interest you too. 

At one time, Internet Explorer was the browser being used by most of you, and now for the first time, it's a tie with Safari. Windows is still the number one operating system you are using, but Macintosh isn't too far behind. Mobile device operating systems are still far behind the top two. They represent less than one percent (>1%), so it seems that you aren't using them to check this blog. Last week, I revised the design settings on this site so that it would appear with a better look and feel on your mobile devices. I wonder if that will bring the stats up.

Top Geographic Locations of Supporters
1 United States | 2 United Kingdom | 3 Brazil | 4 India | 5 Russia & South Africa | 6 Argentina, Canada, Georgia & Italy

Top Browsers Used By Supporters
1 Internet & Safari | 2 EzineArticlesLinkScanner | 3 Chrome | 4 Firefox | 5 Opera | 6 NS8 | 7 Mobile | 8 Mobile Safari

Top Operating Systems Used By Supporters
1 Windows | 2 Macintosh | 3 Text Mode | 4 Blackberry, Linux, Nokia, iPhone