13 August 2017

VALentines: Healing Testimonials (Manifest Blessings Via Freedom from Past Trauma)


“A brilliant healing artist."

"I would like to thank Valerie Michele for helping me and starting my healing process. My husband recently booked several sessions for me with her after witnessing me falling further and further into a depression. It turned out to be the best gift he has ever given me . . . (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Dona Dec, Controller

Angel-Guided Star Sigil
"Inspiring . . . Motivational . . . Unbelievable . . . Wonderful . . . Life-transforming . . . Healing . . . Multidimensional . . . Open . . . Safe . . . Thought-provoking . . . Fun!"
-- Words people have used to describe Val's events

"As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I can attest that Val Oliver is a compassionate healer with integrity and expertise. Don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of her healing services. Blessings and positive energy to you all!"
-- Dr. Kathy Jordan, Author of Becoming a Life Change Artist, Creative Coach/Consultant 

"Just completed my CHILL session and I was blown away. Resolved and understood something that has been a source of confusion and a block to completing my book. Val assisted in the connecting with one of my guides. He had a special message for me and was a source of comfort which circled back to the source of my initial confusion. All of this in 30 minutes or so." (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Sue Birkam, Business Coach, Freedom Life Coaching Company

"I have found our sessions to be very worthwhile, and am looking forward to the next phone call. I endorse, from experience, Valerie Michele as a talented and caring Healing Artist for those that want a deeper exploration."
-- Stacie Flint, Visual Artist

"Thanks Val. Your particular INSIGHT, as always, is ON POINT."
-- Christopher Dean Sullivan, The Artisan Bassist (Musician)

"You are so humble Val. When I looked at your blog, I was like WOW! This Sister is sharing the ancient spiritual life sciences in a beautiful way . . . You are helping to shift the shape of things from negative to positive energized vibrations and that is what LOVE and HEALING is ALL about."
-- Dwayne Sonni Nixon El (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Poet, International Businessman)

"You are a very warm and authentic person--it is so refreshing. I feel inspired by your optimism, enthusiasm, and how driven you are to actualize dreams."
-- Dr. Heather Gillman (Psychologist)

"Val, you just made me cry as I was lamenting to my girl that I have been searching for just one person to get me. Gracious thanks, from my heart of hearts."
--  PatriCia Malia, Sound Healer, Hanta Yo Sound Healing

"You are a gifted soul who possesses an incredible zest and talent for living. Even the simplest of events--waiting on line to pay a cable bill, a passing conversation on the street--become joyful happenings with you! Your beautiful smile and focused gaze make me know that you're really hearing me, listening to me, appreciating me. I feel compelled to just be myself, honestly, with you."
-- Jonathan Dobin, Fine Artist (Music & Visual)

"You always say exactly what I need to hear!"
-- Christie

"Hey Val,  I wanted to let you know that I was still feeling very congested yesterday, as if I still had the cold. I was telling my friends at work yesterday that I was going to finally break down and go to doctor but after your session last night, I felt much better, and today I am feeling a big difference. I think it's what I needed to finally get this nasty congestion and negative feeling out of my body!  Thank you!"
-- Kathy Kerr

  • Energy Reading & Healing (In-Person)
  • Creative Counseling (In-Person or Distance)
  • Spiritual Counseling (In-Person or Distance)

14 April 2017

ALL MY LIFE is #4 on ReverbNation Jazz Chart!

THE PURSUIT STUDIO is hovering in the Top 10 on the ReverbNation Jazz charts at:

- #3 Local
- #28 Regional (NJ/NY/CT)
- #98 National
- #140 Global

This means more exposure for ALL MY LIFE!

To Play: Click here.

There are a variety of versions of "All My Life" (Instrumental Jazz, Smooth Jazz, NuJazz, Adult Contemporary--Original Version, and Country/Pop) dedicated to fueling creative energy for solutions to child abuse and neglect, and music artists and producers are asked to download ALL MY LIFE to record better vocals, reinterpret in any other genre, remix, and send me the link to share. Creative Commons License for Usage Rights.

Thanks for your support!

26 March 2017

The Healing Artist Studio Project: To Live, Love and Trust Again: The Sanctuary

Kerry Chandler
I AWAKENED TO THIS SONG, "HEAL MY HEART", ONE MORNING WHILE PRAYING, MEDITATING AND CONTEMPLATING. I was working on a vision, a marketing plan for a client, and we planned to meet the next evening to review it. Even though I was secure in my sense of the direction in which to guide her based on the time we'd shared and the review of her current website, I was further guided to trust and share with her this song the Creator placed in my consciousness to enhance the golden vision and plan even more.

RECENTLY, I RECEIVED A GOLDEN VISION from The Creator/God/Goddess/Source/Great Spirit/Beyond Love that I can't ignore. Interested in discovering more about this vision?

CONNECT WITH VISION CONTENT EXCERPTS provided below (via tweets you can copy and share) by clicking on the tinyurl.com links at the end of each tweet.

  • My Story is Different Than the One I Believed | Pursuit of #Spiritual #Excellence #Sanctuary | #Motivation https://tinyurl.com/hf9ko4m
  • #Storyhacking/#Growthhacking My Own Life | Pursuit of #Spiritual #Excellence #Sanctuary | #creativity #entrepreneur https://tinyurl.com/jvauy4g
  • Members Are Ready 2 Hack Their Own Stories. Pursuit of #Spiritual #Excellence #Sanctuary | Personal #Growthhacking https://tinyurl.com/jasymzd

ONCE AGAIN, I FIND MYSELF RETURNING TO "HEAL MY HEART" TO EMBRACE THE MANTRA LYRICS AND MUSIC. Thanks to Kerry Chandler (The Maestro of House), Quentin Harris (Remix), and Treasa Fennie (featured vocalist ) for the message: to live, love and trust again. Kerry is living in them through his music.

Get ready to dance and make a joyful noise!

Here are the main lyrics to "Heal My Heart" -- Kerry Chandler, Quentin Harris and Treasa Fennie.

Wake up in the morning just to pray.
I give thanks to see another day.
No matter how hard I try,
To leave the past behind,
Only time will heal the pain,
Please hear me when I'm praising your name.
I used to see the world through innocent eyes,
But loving you has made me realize,
There's a greater love, a greater peace, in my life.
There's a better place on the way to find.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to love again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the hope to trust again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to love again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to live, to love, to trust again.



Archangel Raziel

24 March 2017

All My Life -- A Song About a Magical, Mystical Love

"All My Life" is about love and the person who is in love speaking their heart to another person who doesn't feel quite the same way. I'm sure some of you have experienced this in your relationships. I know that I have. Can you imagine your best friend being in love with you, telling you so, and you feeling love but in a different way? You love your friend but are not in love with her or him.

Can you then imagine awakening in the middle of the night by a song in your head that you are compelled to record immediately so you don't forget the lyrics or music? You sing it into a micro-cassette recorder. Then, can you imagine finding out that your friend died that night and some of the lyrics were words he/she used all the time? What a miraculous gift to receive.

"All My Life" is one of the songs dedicated to this project, and has been recorded in a number of versions as you can see on my profile page at ReverbNation.com. It's been in the Top 10 in the Jazz category a number of times in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. Every time some anyone plays, shares, samples, arranges, produces, remixes or performs this song, energy is added to the intent to heal child abuse in ALL it's forms and everyone who is touched or affected by it.


The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is a component of The Healing Artist Studio Project. Simply read the description at the top of this blog to discover the intent of this project.

The Pursuit Studio logo is used for all my songwriting and music-related projects though it's not an official company at this time.

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12 July 2016

Harvest Time: A Magical Journey To Love & Beauty, Inner and Outer

Dianne Reeves
Posting "Harvest Time" is my gift to share with you today as an energy boost (and meditation) to anyone who wants to experience this incredible, magical song. It reminds me of the love and beauty to which we belong, that is our heritage, our legacy and is within us all. The song is written by Herbie Hancock and is performed to perfection by Dianne Reeves.

I wish us all our very own Harvest time to claim freedom from child abuse in all it's forms and expressions. 

God bless us everyone, children of all ages. So it is. And so say we all.

23 June 2016

Freedom From Anger, Fear, and Hatred to Break Creating New Child Abuse/Neglect Life Chapters

IN MY PREVIOUS BLOG POST (Child Abuse PTSD Survivor: Never Thought That I Would Be Healed and Changed (Intro: Part Two), I SHARED WITH YOU THE FACT THAT I HAD A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, a spiritual experience resulting in practical application after reading a passage in a chapter of a book, The Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox, that had been recommended to me a number of months prior to when I began struggling with an issue. In this post, I'm going to share with you the problem I was facing at the time, and the passage that changed me.

ONE DAY IN AUGUST 2015, I WAS CHECKING THE CONNECTION REQUESTS ON LINKEDIN. One was from a man who had a considerable amount of experience as an author, editor, writer, and co-founder of one of the top fantasy/sci-fi festivals in the United States. I had made some great connections via LinkedIn: one that resulted in my becoming a partner in and a development executive for a production company based in London, England, and another that had me working as a producer for an original supernatural-drama television script.

IMMEDIATELY, I ACCEPTED THE CONNECTION REQUEST, AND SENT HIM A MESSAGE that included some information about seeking a producer, production company or studio for an original period-drama-suspense-thriller TV series that I originated and co-created. My partner and I had recently passed on the offer by another company to produce it. He wanted to know more. I sent him the script, and he expressed interest in helping us package it and get it to his contacts in the entertainment industry, including people with whom he is currently working. We scheduled a meeting. Great!

I DECIDED TO DO SOME MORE RESEARCH ON HIS BACKGROUND. WHAT I DISCOVERED STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS. He was convicted of molesting three boys, had served jail time, and was currently serving out the rest of his sentence at his home due to health issues. I read news accounts and pages and pages of hate-filled comments about him, and read his account citing his innocence but pleading guilty to avoid a trial due to health reasons.

MY FIRST INCLINATION WAS TO JUST FADE AWAY HAVING NO FURTHER CONTACT, join the hatefest, and to focus on other connections that were promising. No problem. The next day, I continued reading The Sermon on the Mount. Here is the excerpt of what I read that led to a wave of compassion, a reckoning with my own child abuse past that resulted in sexual feelings and acting on them until the age of 12; a renewal of gratitude for the miraculous removal of the inappropriate feelings and behavior by my Creator; a renewed commitment to God concerning the intent of this blog; in short, an epiphany.

"AND SO JESUS SAYS THAT IF, WHEN WE ARE ABOUT TO PRAY, OR REMEMBER THAT WE HAVE ANY WRONG THOUGHTS or hard feelings about our brother man, no matter who he may be, and irrespective of whether the object of our hostile thought be an individual or a body of people, we must pause there and treat ourselves until we have got rid of this sense of hostility, and have once more restored the seamless garment of our spiritual integrity."

So, Jesus provides three (3) clear statements for achieving our spiritual integrity:
  • He says first, that whosoever is angry with his brother, shall be in danger.

  • Second, that to be really or seriously--one may say vindictively--hostile to another, is to be in grave danger.

  • Third, that to hold so low an opinion of a fellow creature, as to allow ourselves to consider him outside the pale, so to speak, is to shut ourselves off from any hope of spiritual fruit while we remain in this state of mind. 

I COULDN'T STOP CRYING. AS A CHILD ABUSE SURVIVOR, AND ONE WHO HAS EVERY REASON to be full of gratitude and compassion but was ready to continue punishing someone who was already judged and serving his sentence, Godd revealed to me in that moment my own shortcomings as a Christian, or simply, as a human and spiritual being still growing and evolving to become better.

WAS I READY TO HAVE MY FEAR OF THE ANGER AND HATRED IN WHICH OTHER PEOPLE ENGAGE and might even direct toward me removed, and do as Jesus directed in the passage? Was I prepared to write new posts on this blog while connected to a higher form of consciousness to try to help those who are still sick and suffering slaves to the cycle of child abuse, some in deep denial, and obsessive and compulsive against their will? Honestly, I can't say that I was at all. I didn't have the personal courage or strength. Somehow, like in the past, The Creator's power activated within me. All the credit goes to my Creator (who through a human source introduced me to Emmet Fox's book), AND all of you who have supported this blog and it's intent.

Image Credit:
I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE. WHAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS TO RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY--WHETHER YOU ARE AGNOSTIC OR ATHEIST. My prayer and hope is that if you are stuck in the cycle of PTSD and/or other MENTAL ILLNESS due to the traumatic effects of child abuse/neglect; are an adult attracted to children; have abused/neglected children in the past; are currently abusing/neglecting children, are thinking of abusing/neglecting children, are addicted to child pornography, or any other hurtful activity--that you are willing to go to ANY LENGTHS to permanently stop the insanity.

IF IT WERE POSSIBLE TO BE CHANGED BY SIMPLY READING The Sermon on the Mount, even just as an experiment, won't you do it? I will believe for you, that you will take this step. It can't hurt.

I VISION THAT YOU WILL CONTINUE TO RETURN HERE to discover more potential solutions for you as I research, explore and share my findings. I wish you and anyone else affected by child abuse and neglect--FREEDOM from a traumatic past, present and future.

BLESS YOU, and please continue to play, listen, share, fan, arrange, mash-up, and produce All My Life (any version) plus like, tweet, and promote this blog and it's content. Together we can do what we cannot do alone.


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19 June 2016

"Leaning In" (Prompt Flash Fiction Content Written In 15 Minutes)

Description: A woman takes a journey to a lagoon where she hopes to experience a healing, and experiences an emotional connection once she arrives.

We were at the lagoon: the one that is known for its magical healing properties--the one spelled with a capital L--the one that is Negra because of the dark water that represents the Void where all answers and solutions reside.

I almost didn't make it to the mid-line of the mountain where Laguna Negra makes her home, grounded between two large stone formations looking like the face of the Incan ancestors from whom the legends about her were passed on from generation-to-generation.

Anemia choked my chest, and the breath became strange and stranger to me as we made the climb to reach her sacred space of tears that flowed from the heavens down the mountain into her liquid womb to fill her up: the largest cup for the seeker.

I was so breathless that the best I could do was to lay down my burdened body over a flat rock and lean my face in as close as I could, darkness regarding darkness.


You can also LISTEN to the reading of the story (1:18 minutes)


Note: Leaning In was written while participating in a writer's group with about 11 participants in Northern, NJ. A number of  writing prompts were provided, "leaning in" was one of them, and we all had fifteen minutes to write a story using that prompt.

Creative writing, storytelling has been (and continues to be) an extremely strong healing channel for me (journaling, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, songwriting, blog writing, and now, moving into screenwriting). There's nothing I can't touch, explore, release, imagine through writing.

Check out Elizabeth Levine's "The Writer's Rant" online publication. She describes it as . . . For all aspiring writers, follow the journey of memoir writing and the therapeutic process of writing to heal. Elizabeth Levine, M.F.A. Candidate in Creative Writing documents her process of writing What Remains, a memoir addressing issues of bereavement, loss, PTSD, AIDS and substance abuse and the redemptive process of documenting both her own story and that of the AIDS community

16 May 2016

I Know I've Been Changed (LaTosha Brown: Vocalist, Porto Franco Records)

LaTosha Brown
When I first listened to "I Know I've Been Changed" sung by LaTosha Brown on YouTube in 2012, it sent shivers up my spine and I began to cry because it released a great deal of deep-seated, pent-up trauma-based emotion. The song debuted on YouTube's Top 100 Music Chart at #78, quickly went viral and received over 1.1 Million views within two weeks. 

If you have been abused, have thoughts of abusing, or are abusing children; perhaps, listening to this song may provide a opening, a portal for healing and change in your life. Perhaps, it's a stepping stone or a start to a shift happening for you that will lead to your freedom (as I have become free through my own journey, and made a commitment to The Creator that I would do whatever I could to help others who wish to claim their own freedom).

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is for anyone who is affected by child abuse and/or has made a choice to act in a positive, innovative, unique and creative solution-focused way to end this problem that affects our global community. Music has the power to heal and inspire change. Music is ENERGY. "I Know I've Been Changed" is powerful, spiritual energy that I have experienced as "her expression of a divine entity through a healing song."

Be sure to learn more about LaTosha and her music by visiting her profile at ReverbNation.com.

BLESS YOU, and please continue to play, listen, share, fan, arrange, mash-up, and produce All My Life (any version) plus like, tweet, and promote this blog and it's content. Together we can do what we cannot do alone.


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Child Abuse PTSD Survivor: Never Thought That I Would Be Healed and Changed (Intro: Part Two)

I HAD WHAT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OR EXPERIENCE LAST YEAR, after reading a chapter in the book, Sermon On The Mount by Emmett Fox that was recommended to me (stay tuned for more specifics about this in a future post). At the time it occurred, I was thinking about and struggling with how best to be of loving service, and inclusive of ALL the people affected by child abuse to which this music project is dedicated. This includes everyone who has abused, is currently abusing, or is thinking about abusing children.

AS MY CREATOR OFTEN DOES WHEN I PRAY, MEDITATE, OR ASK FOR A SOLUTION, a situation is presented to me that brings me face-to-face with my own personal integrity, absolute truth, or perhaps hypocrisy and fear (more about this in another post) so I can learn, grow and claim healing through using conflicts as allies or medicine. Had I truly been healed of my anger, resentment and hatred (of my abusers and self) and would take more personal action to inspire change, or was I just speaking and writing airy nothing words, and perhaps, I'd been deluding myself?

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -- Socrates

THIS "INTRO: PART TWO" POST IS MY SECOND STEP IN HONORING THE MIRACLE (one of many) that the Creator has accomplished so that I can be a channel for what I am calling "Christ Consciousness" or "Higher Consciousness" for those who are still suffering the affects of child abuse by being slaves to an uncontrollable mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sickness, acting it out over-and-over-and-over again with children. (Read Intro: Part One)

IN BRIEF, LET ME SHARE THAT MY PAST INCLUDES MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SEXUAL ABUSE by two adults--a male and a female (independent of one another though they knew one another well) who were supposed to be taking care of me (at the ages of 3-5). I developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD); addiction disease symptoms, problems and harmful behaviors; and deep, intrinsic voids, dead zones, and "imprints" in my soul and spirit that were underlying it all.

BECAUSE I HAD LOTS OF LOVE FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS in my childhood as well (let's call it some form of counter-balance) and angel protectors, I never had to confront or deal with jails, institutions, death (though I did attempt suicide once after the death of my mother in 1979).

PROBLEMS RESPECTING BOUNDARIES, OBSESSIONS, AND COMPULSIONS ARE PART OF MY STORY, but for some reason (many say through the grace of God), my obsessive and compulsive issues over which I had no control did not result in abusing children (though I did act out the sexual behavior I was taught as an abused child with other children until I was 12-years-old).

THOUGH I HAD MEMORIES OF ABUSE FROM THE WOMAN, I HAD SUPPRESSED the abuse from the male (except for some shadow scenes). As life would have it, I was offered work as a Child Protective Service Manager by a friend of my mom's after her death. I worked for a few years in the Sex Abuse Unit, and then left due to the stress, and from fear of becoming cynical and hating the job as I observed in some of the career professionals.

I NEED TO WRAP UP THE SECOND PART OF THIS INTRODUCTION NOW, but wanted to give you some information to connect with and consider as I begin writing posts that share more of what influenced this decision, my personal history, challenges, plus innovative potential, and tried-and-true solutions to end child abusive behavior. As much as I can, I hope to share resources through research and interviews that provide access to successful solutions. Also, I will be sharing by storytelling (short stories, flash fiction, films, TV, other media), and inspirational quotes. The promise I made to Godd is that I will share the healing blessings I have claimed with those who still suffer--children of ALL ages.

THE JOURNEY TO HEALING BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP. This is another step among so many that I've taken in my own journey. If you are abusing or planning to act out on your obsession, consider that it's your turn to begin, or take another (or different step) as well.

“Love has no antithesis. Hate isn't the opposite of Love. Hate is anger that escalates forming an imprint in the soul.” -- The Creator  

MY SINCERE, HEARTFELT THANK YOU, to all of you who have supported this blog since I created it in 2009. I am a recipient of the tremendous amount of solution energy generated, and I don't know what else I can say because I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be a recipient.

BLESS YOU, and please continue to play, listen, share, fan, arrange, mash-up, and produce All My Life (any version) plus like, tweet, and promote this blog and it's content. Together we can do what we cannot do alone.

14 May 2016

Holidaze (Excerpt From A Short Story About the Death of My Mother)

I am sharing an excerpt from a short story about the affect of my mother's death on my life (Sarah Bernice Turner Oliver Hoskins, March 2, 1933 - September 12, 1979).

A book of short stories is a component of my memoir project that's been in storage for a while. This one is from Holidaze in the chapter titled, "The Anniversary." The short story isn't finished yet, nor has it been edited (I've no guilt about imperfections as per this guest post at The Healing Artist Studio Project blog), but I'm happy that my Creator has guided me to share it with you just the same. Remember to hug your mother and tell her you love her. Love, serenity and joy to you and your loved ones.

by Valerie Michele Oliver

I write. We buried her. Anger, sadness, and numbness competed inside me for priority. When I last saw my mom, she was not the person I wanted her to be: the face with the perpetual smile. She tried to be though, attempting smiles through urine-soaked eyes, and dry, wrinkled skin. She vacillated between being skeletal thin or bloated, expanding with intravenous fluids. Eyes full of sorrow and desperation, she asked me to take her home, far from the intensive care unit.
“I want to go home,” she stated. Her eyes looked into mine. I imagined tiny striped and solid pool balls in her mouth. Yeah. I smoked some extremely potent weed on the ride down from Athens, GA to Savannah. I shook the hallucination off.

I held her bony, frail hand, returned her look, and responded, “I can’t, Ma. This is the best place for you.”

That was not the answer she wanted to hear. Perhaps, she thought I hadn’t heard her the first time. Perhaps, she was expecting me to be the strong one, and take charge as I had many times in the past when she had been able to rely on me.


“I want to go home. Please. Take me home.” It was more urgent this time. A few of the balls fell out of her mouth and shattered on the floor. Tiny, white, thin skeletons laid among the remains.

“Ma, I wish I could, but I can’t. They can take better care of you here. Now eat something. Please ma, you’ve got to keep up your strength, so you can fight this thing and get better. Drink this juice. It will help you get stronger.” I placed the juice up close to her lips. She forced herself to take a few sips. I knew that it was not for her benefit, but for mine.

“Please. Please, take me home.” She had tears in her eyes now, and pleaded through them. My hand was in hers, and I knew that if she had more strength, she would have pulled me closer to her by them. It wasn’t happening, but I felt that pull anyway. I knew I couldn’t take her away. I had no power in this situation. My stepfather had all the control, and was calling the shots (which in my mind were bad ones). At that time, I loathed myself for being weak. I told myself, “You’re weak.” And after she died, I blamed myself. I was weak. 

That evening, when to hospital rooms were dark, and most of them quiet, I laid on a cot next to my mother's bed listening to her breathing. I don't remember sleeping, but do listening. Her breathing became low moans like the kind you have when you dream someone is chasing you, and about to catch you, and you're trying to scream but it comes out like muffled moans. I climbed into her bed, put my arms around her, stroked and rocked her, and said "I love you." This was what she needed. What she didn't get from her husband. It was the exact opposite of what he offered her as she slipped away, everyday . . . a little . . . death. It was what she needed, and I gave it to her. 

That morning, I left town. I returned to my home about four hours away from the hospital. She told me she wanted to leave. I believed her, but could not face that she was dying, and that I couldn’t even grant her last urgent wish. I felt that I deserted her. She deserted me a few hours after I left. I got the call only minutes after I returned home. She checked out on her own.

Less than an hour after I returned home, the phone rang with news of her death. Three voices on the telephone, my sisters and my brother, spoke to me. “She’s dead,” said a voice. Was anyone crying? “She died not too long after you left,” said another.

I dialed my best friend. It was time for her to take charge, and she was definitive: “I’ll be right over.” Company and comfort were on the way. I rolled a joint and smoked it—a familiar, unconscious pattern to help distance reality. I shed my clothing—anesthetized—and stepped into the bathtub. I stood washed away by tears underneath the shower head. They kept flowing. They soaked my body. They went down the drain.

copyright © 2016 Valerie Michele Oliver


Check out Elizabeth Levine's "The Writer's Rant" online publication. She describes it as . . . For all aspiring writers, follow the journey of memoir writing and the therapeutic process of writing to heal. Elizabeth Levine, M.F.A. Candidate in Creative Writing documents her process of writing What Remains, a memoir addressing issues of bereavement, loss, PTSD, AIDS and substance abuse and the redemptive process of documenting both her own story and that of the AIDS community.  

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11 May 2016

Top Sites Playing & Sharing the Heal Child Abuse Music Project (May 2009-March 2016)

These are the all time stats for the Top Sites supporting the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project since it was launched in May 2009 to March 2016.

You continue to answer the call to play the music and share the music to generate loving energy dedicated to this vital collective and collaborative purpose.

These stats represent volts/charges of electromagnetic and creative consciousness energy for our collective purpose.

#1) ReverbNation.com: 51,240
All time totals: Profile visits (6,797) | Song plays at ReverbNation (3,287) | Registered fans via ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter (3,156)  | Video Plays (46) | Banner impressions and Widget players on three different sites - http://healchildabuse.blogspot.com, http://healingartiststudio.blogspot.com, http://facebook.com/oliver.valerie (37,954)

#2) YouTube | Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project: 13,543
All time views.

#3) IMRadio.com: 27,173
All time totals.

#4) Reach 4 Freedom Blog: 21,689
All time total pageviews.

#5) SoundCloud.com: 3,531
All time totals for all versions of All My Life (2,024) including song plays, favorites, and downloads.

GRAND TOTAL (May 2009-March 2016): 117,200 (Rounded up)

Stats that are not available are: 1) Plays and downloads of All My Life on the the Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves international compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment (Big shout out to Sean "Unda" Carter, Producer) and 2) plays and downloads on ccMixter of All My Life by Briareus (Nu Jazz & Ambient Remixes) and Valerie Michele Oliver (original acapella) tracks.

From my heart and spirit to yours, thank you!

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07 May 2016

"Serve When Chilled" Compilation Features Val's Song ALL MY LIFE

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Independent record label/sound production company Generation Me-X Entertainment (LLC) (GenMe-X) selected "All My Life (Nu-Jazz, Briarus Remix)" as one of the tracks on their "Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves" compilation. It features lounge, deep house, lo-fi, nu jazz, ambient, and bossa music written by independent artists around the world.

"All My Life" is a song written by yours truly (Valerie Michele Oliver) that was produced and re-mixed by music artist Briarus on the ccMixter service. I posted the original song on ccMixter after learning about the service through Creative Commons, the nonprofit organization that licenses the work of artists so that people can collaborate on, re-use and share creations. Briarus remixed the song in ambient and nu-jazz genres. 

The collaboration approach is perfect for the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project (to which the song is dedicated) because the Project is all about energy gained from playing and downloading the song serving as conduits or channels to heal abuse on our planet. Intent and action is everything.

According to Sean "Undaground Tha Illest" Carter (aka Unda) the CEO of Generation Me-X Entertainment (GenMe-X) and the album producer, "We wanted to put this together out of pure enjoyment of the genres, and would like to take listeners on a sun soaked sonic journey. This is all about the music, and one of Generation Me-X Entertainment's goals is to represent the unheard, the unseen, the unknown artists and bring them to light." A link to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is included in the information about the song to help publicize it.

The principals of GenMe-X are musicians themselves. They have rocked shows in the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Iraq and Dubai, and have received radio play in many international stations. Most recently a station in Montreal, Canada put Unda's album "Soon Is So Far Away" in rotation.

Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries. It can be a powerful vehicle for change, healing, and of course, chiilin.  

The "Serve When Chilled" compilation is a strictly promotional project.
PLAY and DOWNLOAD "Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves"

02 May 2016

"Back Up the Truck" (Prompt Flash Fiction Written in 15 Minutes) by Valerie Michele

Description: Two kids are up to some pay back against an adult who hurt someone they love.

"Back up the truck," I whispered under the shade of night.

It was about that time when the moon was up in the sky and the sun would have its turn soon. It was April Fool's Day and O'Neal wanted to play a trick on his Uncle Charlie.

My best friend O'Neal (whose real name was Maurice, but he hated it and liked the name in the middle) asked me to help him. I snuck out of my house and met him at the side of his house in the alley like he asked.

I didn't want to do it when he asked me earlier, and then I asked him: "How are you gonna move his truck into the middle of the street?"

"I know how to do it. I learned how to drive a truck when me and my mom lived at our farm in North Carolina," he said in a way that shut me up. So I did what he asked and made sure there were no cars coming down the street, and ran up to the truck door where he sat at the wheel with a fuck-you-Uncle-Charlie-for-beating-my-mom-yesterday look on his face.

He looked down at me and asked, "Back up the truck now?"

I looked both ways again and saw only parked cars and street lamps and some cats knocking around something.

"Yeah, do it now,' I whispered.

I caught his here we go look.

He put the truck in reverse.


You can also LISTEN to the reading of the story (1:38 minutes)

Back Up The Truck is the word prompt used to write this story. Prompts can be very useful when experiencing writer's block, to get straight to the heart of the matter, and as a way to get the creative juices flowing.

Creative writing, storytelling has been (and continues to be) an extremely strong healing channel for me (journaling, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, songwriting, blog writing, and now, moving into screenwriting). There's nothing I can't touch, explore, release, imagine through writing.

Check out Elizabeth Levine's "The Writer's Rant" online publication. She describes it as . . . For all aspiring writers, follow the journey of memoir writing and the therapeutic process of writing to heal. Elizabeth Levine, M.F.A. Candidate in Creative Writing documents her process of writing What Remains, a memoir addressing issues of bereavement, loss, PTSD, AIDS and substance abuse and the redemptive process of documenting both her own story and that of the AIDS community

23 April 2016

Child Abuse PTSD Survivor: Never Thought That I Would Be Healed and Changed (Intro: Part One)

"Things are only impossible until they're not."
-- Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

It's taken me a while to get up the courage, to have the needed honesty and insight, plus the quality of my own personal healing to begin to write about how I am affected by the vision/intention/prayer of this Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project blog. I wasn't thinking of myself as a recipient when I created it in 2009, but I am having some major spiritual experiences as a result. It's time to begin writing and sharing about them. Thanks for visiting, sharing, following, producing songs, arranging songs, and for your own courage to heal and love in ways you never imagined becoming possible.

Stay tuned for more as I have the spiritual direction and practical time to organize my thoughts and write.

But first, I need to thank all the fans of this project and the songs dedicated to it at ReverbNation.com. You have catapulted "All My Life" into the Top 300 Global Jazz Chart (out of 3.4M ReverbNation music artist members). Thank you!

In the words of the child character, Tiny Tim, in the story A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens . . . "God bless us, Everyone."

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23 January 2016

"TUCHT": A "Different" Child Abuse Theme Movie in Pre-production

We must utilize Hollywood not only to Entertain, but to Educate and Inspire.
~ Ossie Davis (Actor)

UNáTI is truly Important and Heroic work. ~ Maya Angelou (Author, Poet, Actress)

UNáTI is a Sanskrit word that means The Healing Power of the Performing Arts. Tucht is an independent feature film that has been garnering significant industry attention based on the exceptional reception of the script due to its controversial yet inspiring subject-matter and support from the makers of Oscar-winning films (Ali, A Beautiful Mind, About Schmidt).

"Tucht is the Hero’s Journey story, and in the case of our film, it's the Heroine’s (the protagonist) and the Anti-Hero’s (antagonist) journeys, as well as those of three other characters whose stories are intertwined. The question is: who will breakthrough the horrors of the past and present to an enlightened future, and who will not?”
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer 

Check Out Film Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with A Touch of Grace on BlogTalkRadio

Tucht is a psychological-thriller with dark-comedy elements inspired by the true-stories of eight (8) remarkable lives told through five (5) adult characters who are child abuse survivors.

"As a survivor of multiple child abuse incidences, I can tell you that Tucht shines a light on the deep, destructive, chain-effect ‪PTSD‬ cycle; and how the powers of love and forgiveness can help survivors to BREAK that cycle."
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

We hope you enjoyed the podcast about this project with GD Grace (the producer/host), Alex Molina (Creative Director, ASAOPE--Writer/Director, Tucht), Anthony Commodore (Senior Producer, Tucht), and me, Valerie Michele Oliver (Director/Co-Executive Producer, Tucht).

We Need Your Help.
We are seeking Executive Producers/Investors so we can get moving on production. Contact Anthony Commodore or Alex Molina at Malacom Productions/Unati Independent Filmworks at info@malacomproductionllc.com or alex@unatifilmworks.com

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20 November 2015

Arnaud Quercy Gifts Piano Jazz Version of "All My Life" To End Child Abuse

Arnaud Quercy, Jazz Pianist
FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT: In the summer of 2011, French music artist and YouTube sensation ARNAUD QUERCY became a contributor to the project. Arnaud wrote a fresh, new arrangement of the love song, "All My Life" with the intention of the project in mind, and interprets his arrangement through his heart. He is a native of France but he lives and records in London.
Arnaud has become an international sensation through his own special Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project shared on YouTube that has attracted a large following; it is based on a dare from a colleague at a Christmas party to become proficient at playing jazz piano. 
The Piano Jazz Project began in January 2010 and at that time had close to over 171,790 viewers and over 2,230 supportive comments!

I discovered Arnaud's special Piano Jazz based on YouTube after discovering it on Facebook in one of the music groups, and asked if he would accept my commissioning him to arrange a version as a gift to the Reach 4 Freedom Project. Immediately, he accepted! Arnaud uploaded "All My Life" as part of his piano jazz project on Wednesday, June 22, 2011.  His video of the song received over 9,000 views (plays), over 320 "likes" and over 350 positive comments at that time.


"All My Life" is the first song I dedicated to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project. Every time this song is played, produced, arranged, recorded, shared by ANYONE -- all the energy generated by ALL activity with this song is dedicated to solutions for child abuse in the world.

Arnaud, many thanks for your gracious gift to this project. Your version is c'est ci bon! May you continue to have the success you desire to claim and share!

UPDATE: I am happy to have heard from Arnaud that he and his family are safe, and were not injured during the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Thank God! 

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14 November 2015


The "Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project" needs the support of people in the music industry (and supporting areas) to be the earth angels, angel investors, sponsors, supporters, whatever you want to call yourself who support taking this project to completion.

Already, many of you have answered the call to play the songs I've written and shared on ReverbNation and Soundcloud. Your support on ReverbNation brought me and my songwriting from the low 300s rank in the NY/NJ/CT/PA local area to Top 30's this week. I believe we can generate more energy through plays and listens there to reach the Top 10, maybe even Number ONE.

Although I am grateful for the generous words people have left as testimonials for me on ReverbNation and Soundcloud for my songwriting under my company name, The Pursuit Studio, I know I'm not a great singer. The songs need YOU, the gifted, talented professional producers, singers-vocalists, musicians, arrangers, promoters, engineers to "knock these songs so far out of the park" that they become stars in our beautiful universe of music.

Here are the specific goals I've identified to make the dream a reality:
  • Get the songs produced so that you music artists will record the songs on CDs and/or make them available online for downloading where your music is featured so they get played and played in as many genre as possible

  • Produce a new arrangement of one of the songs

  • Produce a CD for the project to which you music artists contribute your own songs (either already written or songs written specifically for the CD project)
  • Put the song on a Mixtape of yours

  • Identify the best ways to use money generated by the music sales to help end this problem
COPYRIGHT: Please follow the Creative Commons 3.0 license requirements. You can use the songs I've written for noncommerical purposes and must attribute the music by name to me as the composer. Share all arrangements and remixes by sending the songs to me via email attachments or provide download links to them so I can listen and contact you to feature you and the song here on this blog, on music sites, social media, and perhaps The Healing Artist Studio Project radio channel.  If interested in commercial use of my music in any form, please contact me at: oliver.valerie@gamil.com.

On a personal note, the photo on the page is of me. I was abused by two adults as a child: a male and female.
I've forgiven them both. I had a near death experience a couple of years ago that helped me to awaken to a deep compassion for what I experienced and for the people who hurt me. As children, none of us dream of growing up to be a child abuser. So this project is also dedicated to healing the child within adults who find themselves trapped in this nightmare. I was brought back to life to be of service in this way, to continue my own healing, and to enjoy life to the fullest!

I look forward to working on this music project with those of you who step up and reach out to make the dream a reality.

Lots of blessings, light and love to you,


NOTE: Special thanks to Neil Alexander (The Busiest Man I Know).


29 June 2014

Songwriter PAUL HIGHLAND Creates Tribute To Child Suicide Resulting from Bullying (Bullycide)

I discovered the music of PAUL HIGHLAND this morning after he became a fan of my music on @ReverbNation. He wrote the music for and composed this special video as a tribute to children who committed suicide due to bullying (Bullycide). Touched my heart and I'm sharing it with you all today. Thank you @Paul Highland Music.

20 June 2014

Fund Val's Legal Fees for Feature Film About Child Abuse at GoFundMe.com

Update: THANK YOU to those of you who have contributed and continue to contribute. I am becoming a member of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to receive legal support for this project!

I am a producer/director for a film production about child abuse (See Blog Post about the film.) 

It's a GROUNDBREAKING, INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM that is receiving support by the makers of the Academy Award-winning films "Ali", "About Schmidt", and "A Beautiful Mind", for which the production company wants to offer me a deal memo now, and a contract later when funding is complete (the film has a major portion of the funding secured), that needs to be reviewed and negotiated. 
(Read More.)