03 February 2012

Top Countries, Browsers & Operating Systems: Heal Child Abuse Music Project (January 2012)

What are the TOP Locations from which people came to support the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project in January 2012? 

That's usually the statistic that gets shared here every couple of months (or when the space clears for me to check in on this project). I decided to expand them to include the Top Browsers and the Top Operating Systems being used by you. Is this important information that you need to know? Probably not. It's interesting to me to see how the use of technology is changing and perhaps it may interest you too. 

At one time, Internet Explorer was the browser being used by most of you, and now for the first time, it's a tie with Safari. Windows is still the number one operating system you are using, but Macintosh isn't too far behind. Mobile device operating systems are still far behind the top two. They represent less than one percent (>1%), so it seems that you aren't using them to check this blog. Last week, I revised the design settings on this site so that it would appear with a better look and feel on your mobile devices. I wonder if that will bring the stats up.

Top Geographic Locations of Supporters
1 United States | 2 United Kingdom | 3 Brazil | 4 India | 5 Russia & South Africa | 6 Argentina, Canada, Georgia & Italy

Top Browsers Used By Supporters
1 Internet & Safari | 2 EzineArticlesLinkScanner | 3 Chrome | 4 Firefox | 5 Opera | 6 NS8 | 7 Mobile | 8 Mobile Safari

Top Operating Systems Used By Supporters
1 Windows | 2 Macintosh | 3 Text Mode | 4 Blackberry, Linux, Nokia, iPhone

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