11 May 2016

Top Sites Playing & Sharing the Heal Child Abuse Music Project (May 2009-March 2016)

These are the all time stats for the Top Sites supporting the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project since it was launched in May 2009 to March 2016.

You continue to answer the call to play the music and share the music to generate loving energy dedicated to this vital collective and collaborative purpose.

These stats represent volts/charges of electromagnetic and creative consciousness energy for our collective purpose.

#1) ReverbNation.com: 51,240
All time totals: Profile visits (6,797) | Song plays at ReverbNation (3,287) | Registered fans via ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter (3,156)  | Video Plays (46) | Banner impressions and Widget players on three different sites - http://healchildabuse.blogspot.com, http://healingartiststudio.blogspot.com, http://facebook.com/oliver.valerie (37,954)

#2) YouTube | Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project: 13,543
All time views.

#3) IMRadio.com: 27,173
All time totals.

#4) Reach 4 Freedom Blog: 21,689
All time total pageviews.

#5) SoundCloud.com: 3,531
All time totals for all versions of All My Life (2,024) including song plays, favorites, and downloads.

GRAND TOTAL (May 2009-March 2016): 117,200 (Rounded up)

Stats that are not available are: 1) Plays and downloads of All My Life on the the Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves international compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment (Big shout out to Sean "Unda" Carter, Producer) and 2) plays and downloads on ccMixter of All My Life by Briareus (Nu Jazz & Ambient Remixes) and Valerie Michele Oliver (original acapella) tracks.

From my heart and spirit to yours, thank you!

Top Visitors/Top Countries to this Blog (Last 7 Days)

1) United States - Welcome!
2) Germany - Willkommen!
3) Ireland - F√°ilte!
4) United Arab Emirates - Marhaba!
5) France - Bienvenue!

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