16 May 2016

I Know I've Been Changed (LaTosha Brown: Vocalist, Porto Franco Records)

LaTosha Brown
When I first listened to "I Know I've Been Changed" sung by LaTosha Brown on YouTube in 2012, it sent shivers up my spine and I began to cry because it released a great deal of deep-seated, pent-up trauma-based emotion. The song debuted on YouTube's Top 100 Music Chart at #78, quickly went viral and received over 1.1 Million views within two weeks. 

If you have been abused, have thoughts of abusing, or are abusing children; perhaps, listening to this song may provide a opening, a portal for healing and change in your life. Perhaps, it's a stepping stone or a start to a shift happening for you that will lead to your freedom (as I have become free through my own journey, and made a commitment to The Creator that I would do whatever I could to help others who wish to claim their own freedom).

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is for anyone who is affected by child abuse and/or has made a choice to act in a positive, innovative, unique and creative solution-focused way to end this problem that affects our global community. Music has the power to heal and inspire change. Music is ENERGY. "I Know I've Been Changed" is powerful, spiritual energy that I have experienced as "her expression of a divine entity through a healing song."

Be sure to learn more about LaTosha and her music by visiting her profile at ReverbNation.com.

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