05 April 2018

Introducing New Fans, Top 10 ReverbNation Chart & Thanks Kevin Dingle

Hey You Awesome People!

Welcome to NEW FANS!

- The Mighty Rock Farmers ("Losing Myself" - I was lost but now I'm found. Yeah!)
- LampStand Music ("Virtuous" -- Blessings. Amen, Amen and Amen.)
- Jimmy Alexander (Dude! Lots going on "Beneath the Surface". Rock on!)
- Jordi Sanz (Loving "A Minor Concern" Smooth Jazz, Jordi!)
- Steve Osborne ("I Give Thanks" Thumbs Up to honoring music greats!)
- Emmet North Jr. ("Living Inside Your Love" is close to my heart! Play that guitar!)
- Rapid Creek ("Power Grab", Love the intro! Can hear instrumental version 4 a film!)

Thanks for placing "All My Life" and other songs dedicated to ending child abuse and neglect in ALL IT'S FORMS in the Top 10 on ReverbNation chart for northern, NJ! --https://www.reverbnation.com/valoliver

I got really choked up watching all the young people protesting because their experience is that we adults don't care enough to keep them safe--that we NEGLECT and won't protect them. This project is an energy generator for CREATIVE, HUMANE ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT OUR YOUTH BY HEALING EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE ABUSE AND NEGLECT EPIDEMIC; so keep becoming fans, plus playing, liking, sharing, producing, and recording "ALL MY LIFE" versions (under Creative Commons NonCommercial License) and providing the links to me to publicize them.

MAJOR SHOUTOUT and THANKS to KEVIN DINGLE (Motown Moe) who provided an excellent, professional audio edit for "Return" at no cost for the project. Sorry it's taken a while to properly thank you, Kevin. Heads Up! Kevin is "seeking out artists for new project: Sax players, Guitarist, Bass and Singers will add as featured artists on tracks. "Major Radio Promotion" Tell him Val sent you!

God/G-d/Goddess/Creator/Great Spirit/Source/Love bless us everyone,

Valerie Mich'El



➤ Play Song Return (feat. Eric Nutter, Piano | Valerie Michele: Music/Lyrics | Jazz Instrumental)

➤ Play Song It Was Ecstasy (feat. Claretha Breedlove | Valerie Michele: Music/Lyrics | R&B)

➤ Play Song All My Life (Valerie Michele: Music | Jazz-Instrumental)

➤ Play Song All My Life (feat. Joe Culling | Valerie Michele: Music/Lyrics | Country Ballad)


"Absolutely love "It was Ecstasy" What a beautiful melody and great composition.Pure ear candy and totally awesome!"
— Destination Dawn, ReverbNation Artist,

"LOVE the music!"
— Helen @ Listener via Facebook

"Thank you Valerie for turning me on to your awesome talent. You are a great singer and songwriter. I really enjoy your music. It's smooth."
— Malik Torain, ReverbNation Artist

"Thanks for your music!"
— Petri @ Listener via Facebook

"I am so happy for you. You have great talent."
— Joyce @ Listener via Facebook

"Was just listening to your music via ReverbNation, and it is simply wonderful. Well done and thanks for sharing your talent!"
— Isabelle @ Listener via Twitter

"Very nice and natural sounding."
— @ All My Life - Acappella Jazz version, Victor, ccMixter Producer

"I want you to know first of all that I LOVE your singing and your song writing skills! You are pretty F-ing HOT girl!"
— Michael David Sherwood, ReverbNation Artist

"I think the dedication of our talent to such an important and heartfelt cause is awesome! Thank you for being a wonderful example and inspiration to the rest of us!"
— Laura LaCroix, ReverbNation Artist

"i just love your drive and your skills. You are an incredible writer and singer from the heart."
— Joe Yander, ReverbNation Artist

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