03 February 2012

Top Sites Playing & Sharing Music Dedicated to the Heal Child Abuse Music Project

These are the all time stats for the Top Sites related to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project since it was launched in May 2009. Every once in a while I begin to question whether to end this project because I don't feel I'm devoting enough time to it.

Last year I began talking about reaching out to potential partners who would fund music contests for independent films as a way to increase visibility and greater participation, and even funding contests myself to create compilations of the best music versions of All My Life and Where's It At? Today isn't one of those days when I'm feeling like letting go of my belief and vision about using the power of our collective intention and music energy to create solutions to end child abuse.

Researching these statistics reminds me that this is a WE project. On Facebook, there's a group named Whispering Energy (WE). Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is all about the WE energy. We may not be a huge project that gets media attention, that's a popular trend with it's own crosshatch on Twitter, or recognized by the White House or some other large organization as an innovator for change on our planet, but we have been a presence in this world for approaching three years in May 2012. Who knows. This may be a breakout year.

At any rate, when we put our heads down on our pillows tonight, we do so knowing that we made a contribution to being the change we seek in the world by coming to this site; reading a post; playing a song; sharing a post on a social media site; including a link to this site in an email or a newsletter; arranging, producing, remixing, or recording a new version of All My Life or Where's It At?, or simply blessing this site and the end of child abuse.

These stats represent something like volts/charges of electromagnetic and creative consciousness energy for our collective purpose.

#1) ReverbNation.com: 25,960
All time totals: Profile visits (3,931) | Song plays at ReverbNation (1,306) | Registered fans via ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace (1,993) | Banner impressions (3,378) | Widget player on four different sites - healchildabuse.blogspot.com, healingartiststudio.blogspot.com, creatorparrot.blogspot.com, facebook.com/oliver.valerie (15,352) as of 02/02/12.

#2) YouTube | Arnaud Quercy Jazz Project: 12,174
All time views as of 02/03/12.

#3) IMRadio.com: 7,225
All time totals for profile page visits as of 02/03/12.

#4) Healchildabuse.blogspot.com (Reach 4 Freedom Blog): 3,190
All time total pageviews as of 02/03/12.

#5) SoundCloud.com: 2,240
All time totals for all versions of All My Life (2,024) and Where's It At? (216) including song plays, favorites, and downloads as of 02/03/12.

GRAND TOTAL (May 2009-January 2012): 50,750 (as of 02/03/12)

Note: Stats that are not available are: 1) Plays and downloads of All My Life on the the Serve When Chilled: Sunset Soaked Grooves international compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment (Big shout out to Sean "Unda" Carter, Producer) and 2) plays and downloads on ccMixter of All My Life by Briareus (Nu Jazz & Ambient Remixes) and Valerie Michele Oliver (original a capella) track.

From my heart and spirit to yours, thank you.

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