14 March 2014

Reach 4 Freedom Listed As Resource on Innovative Child Abuse Reporting System Designed for Schools

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project is grateful to be included as a resource LINK on the CHILD ABUSE ANTI BULLYING SYSTEM (CAABS) for Schools based in the U.K. 

According to the creator of CAABS:

“My mission is two fold, firstly to help aid the authorities in raising children's awareness as to what constitutes child abuse. It is intended that the Reporting Page images will help promote discussion and ultimately the children's understanding of the various genre, and secondly to help break down the barriers that are currently preventing children from reporting child abuse and other social issues that are causing them distress."

“My aim is to encourage children to SHOUT about their experience, to know instinctively where they can report it."

“My goal is to enable children to report abuse within a few seconds without the need to write or talk to anyone and to aid schools in recognising where to target their valuable resources and budgets effectively.”

Children are often warned and threatend not to tell anyone. Using a computer isn't the same as havng to muster the courage to speak or write to a person.

You can learn more about the CAABS pioneering solution by visiting the web site.

Those of us who support what Reach 4 Freedom is about are aware that this is great as solution in the immediate sense, but we still need solutions that heal the cycle of abuse: the abused that become abusers--the mental, emotional, electromagnetic, and spiritual imbalances. The CAABS contribution is great, and it will increase the workload for social workers who are already over-worked, under-paid, and stressed out to the max! How about some solutions to help the professionals responsible for child welfare and protective services keep up with what is demanded of them. Ideas?

Thank you to the creator of CAABS for including this project on your links page. More Page Views = More Energy for Innovative Answers and Solutions to Heal and End Child Abuse!

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