26 March 2017

The Healing Artist Studio Project: To Live, Love and Trust Again: The Sanctuary

Kerry Chandler
I AWAKENED TO THIS SONG, "HEAL MY HEART", ONE MORNING WHILE PRAYING, MEDITATING AND CONTEMPLATING. I was working on a vision, a marketing plan for a client, and we planned to meet the next evening to review it. Even though I was secure in my sense of the direction in which to guide her based on the time we'd shared and the review of her current website, I was further guided to trust and share with her this song the Creator placed in my consciousness to enhance the golden vision and plan even more.

RECENTLY, I RECEIVED A GOLDEN VISION from The Creator/God/Goddess/Source/Great Spirit/Beyond Love that I can't ignore. Interested in discovering more about this vision?

CONNECT WITH VISION CONTENT EXCERPTS provided below (via tweets you can copy and share) by clicking on the tinyurl.com links at the end of each tweet.

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ONCE AGAIN, I FIND MYSELF RETURNING TO "HEAL MY HEART" TO EMBRACE THE MANTRA LYRICS AND MUSIC. Thanks to Kerry Chandler (The Maestro of House), Quentin Harris (Remix), and Treasa Fennie (featured vocalist ) for the message: to live, love and trust again. Kerry is living in them through his music.

Get ready to dance and make a joyful noise!

Here are the main lyrics to "Heal My Heart" -- Kerry Chandler, Quentin Harris and Treasa Fennie.

Wake up in the morning just to pray.
I give thanks to see another day.
No matter how hard I try,
To leave the past behind,
Only time will heal the pain,
Please hear me when I'm praising your name.
I used to see the world through innocent eyes,
But loving you has made me realize,
There's a greater love, a greater peace, in my life.
There's a better place on the way to find.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to love again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the hope to trust again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to love again.
Heal my heart, ease my pain, give me the strength to live, to love, to trust again.



Archangel Raziel

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