12 February 2012

Best Humanitarian & Inspirational Indie Tracks 2010 - Special ALL MUSIC Podcast

Kokopelli by Allen Littlebear
This is a Special ALL MUSIC podcast of the Best Humanitarian & Inspirational Indie Music Tracks of 2010. Even though the show aired in 2010, it keeps popping up in the top posts viewed at The Reach 4 Freedom blog. Instead of having to listen to all the interviews that precede the music in the live show podcast on The Healing Artist Studio radio channel, you can now listen to ALL MUSIC with some commentary and the complete track list at the very end.

The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel is an ENERGY GENERATOR for this blog. We can't do better than to offer energy from our hearts, and that's what's this is all about: love and healing solutions via sound vibrations.

These tracks are from the live podcast on The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel that featured EJ Flavors (the Godfather of Podcasting), Sean "Unda" Carter (Composer/Songwriter/Producer and CEO of Generation ME-X Entertainment), and me -- Valerie Michele (Songwriter, Podcaster, Producer & Host of The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel). EJ, Sean, and I selected the picks.

The live show features interviews with some of the music artists selected including Russel Blake, Coco O'Connor, Aleah Long, and Obi Kaye. Guest co-host is Yaniyah Pearson (Singer/Songwriter). Some notes: "Anyway" features Chaka Khan, "Home" features Replife, "Doin It Again" features John Legend, and "It Will Be" features Tony Momrelle.

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast of the LIVE show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingartiststudio/2011/01/23/the-top-humanitarian-inspirational-indie-music-of-2010-1.

Hope you enjoy our picks!
From The Healing Artist Studio (HAS)

Podcast Playlist (and who picked them!) 

0 Intro - Creator's Parrot Theme - Neil Alexander & Val Oliver (Val)
1. Anyway - Duck Sauce (Sean)  
2. Dub - Coco O'Connor (Val)
3. The Song feat. Chaka Khan -
Incognito (EJ)
4. Home feat. Replife -
Deborah Jordan (Val)
5. Mirrors -
Damn Funk (Sean)
6. Observe -
Deborah Jordan (EJ)
7. What If I Told You -
Aleah Long (Val)
8. Doin It Again feat. John Legend -
The Roots (Sean)
9. Prayer for Unity -
D-Influence (EJ)
10. It Will Be feat. Tony Momrelle -
Reel People (EJ)
11. Herbie -
Madlib (Sean)
12. Hard Time To Shine -
Coco O'Connor (Val)
13. Heal This Land -
Tina Malia (Val)
14. Children of the World -
Russel Blake (Val)
15. La Diosa del Mar -
Obi Kaye (Val)


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