02 July 2013

One of the TOP 10 Songwriters on ReverbNation Local Jazz Chart for Northern, NJ!

WHOA! Congratulations and THANK YOU to all of you who continue to play these songs dedicated to healing child abuse on our planet in all forms. 

ALL MY LIFE is in the Top 10 on the Local Jazz Chart for Northern, NJ at #9.

Energy is POWER, and we are using it in love for anyone and everyone affected by child abuse (the abused, the abusers, families . . . whatever it takes to end it in loving and healthy ways).

The Story Behind the Song, All My Life
My best friend at the time was Ann Taylor. Ann was in her 80's, and always loved me unconditionally. It was a few days before Thanksgiving. I awakened in the middle of the night with a song. So, I grabbed my tape recorder, sang it, and went back to sleep. The next day, I called Ann to make arrangements to pick her up for Thanksgiving. No answer. More calls. No answer. I asked another friend to drop by her place. She later called to tell me Ann passed away. I know Ann's parting gift was ALL MY LIFE because one the lyric in the refrain: Oh, my darling. She used to always call me her darling. I sang it at her memorial service to an ovation. I know that Ann is blessing this award-winning project!

How You Can Help
Since June 2012, I've not been able to devote ANY time to posting on this blog, or reaching out to those of you who are in the music industry to arrange, produce, mix, remix, and record ALL MY LIFE and WHERE'S IT AT to introduce the music (and the mission) to a wider audience. My work as a partner in Media Classics production company based in the U.K. and practice at the Healing Artist Studio project has been keeping me very busy. It's news like this that keeps me motivated when I feel I'm falling short in my dedication to this project, and fear I can't keep it going. You are the ones who keep it going! Thanks for all the playing, sharing, and and other contributions of which I may not even be aware. Here's what else can be done to support this project:
  • Become a benefactor of or sponsor for this blog
  • Sponsor an event on The Healing Artist Studio Internet Blog Talk Radio channel to honor the contributors to and collaborators for this project
  • License one of the songs for your film, TV or other project
  • Co-produce or co-write for this blog project
  • Promote or publicize this project on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, blog, in your newsletters, and other media
  • Dedicate some of your own music to this project
  • Dedicate your music podcast or mix to this project
  • Executive produce or sponsor a music competition for the best versions of these songs in different music categories
  • Record one or both of the songs on your next music project
  • Share ideas
Call Valerie Michele (that's me) at 973.750.8654 or email oliver.valerie@gmail.com.

You all ROCK!


  1. Cate! Thanks for your generous comment, and for supporting the music and the powerful intention for it! You rock! ~Val