22 January 2012

Updates For Indie Feature Films Focused On or Including Child Abuse

It's been a few moons since I shared about the indie feature films focused on or including child abuse themes that I discovered during the first quarter of 2011. There were five projects that I was reaching out to for potential collaborative relationships between this project and their films. My idea was (and still is) to create music contests whereby indie music artists would produce, arrange, mix, or record genre versions of All My Life and Where's It At?, specific to the genres requested by film music supervisors. The winning song tracks would be licensed for use in the films. That's the idea.

I reached out to two film producers but nothing came of it. That's how it goes sometimes. Filmmakers have the heart for it, but including a music contest in their budget for funding their film is low on the priority list. Still, I am committed to film music contests in the future, focused on the funding being there in alignment with what I like to call sacred synchronicity.

Please be aware that I am not endorsing the films by posting information about them. I have read the business plan for Abused In America, the screenplay for Innocence Lost, and the short novel upon which Bad Choices is based. This music project is focused on pioneering, compassionate, innovative solutions and answers to heal child abuse for everyone involved. There are plenty of strong emotions connected to films that show abuse, hatred toward abusers, and the usual outcomes of jail, institutions, death, and the revolving door that often leads to the abused becoming abusers (our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues). This project is dedicated to NEW solutions that will last and endure. As a survivor of child abuse myself, this is one path I've been guided to honor following my own "awakening" after a (near) death experience.

Here are the five (5) feature film projects with links if available:

1. Abused in America (Producer: Daria Trifu, Screenwriter: Bruno Pischiutta)
2. Innocence Lost (Producer: Tony Pritchard, Screenwriter: Tony Pritchard)
3. Bad Choices (Producer: Various, Screenwriter: Brittani Williams)
4. Last Words by Valerie Michele Oliver marinating in treatment (U.S.)
5. Name of Screenplay by Sameera Steward in development (U.K.)

Stay tuned for more updates on these films and links to new ones as I learn about them.

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