13 February 2012

Solutions: Michelle Obama for Let's Move | Neglect Of Our Children: Unhealthy Food and Little Movement

"We are our children's first and best role models." -- First Lady Michelle Obama for Let's Move

I just finished watching a video I discovered on my friend Gary's (From The G-Man's) blog that features First Lady Michelle Obama addressing a huge, multi-denominational gathering of faith-based communities in the U.S. Essentially she talks (in a diplomatic and graceful way) about how we as adults have participated in gross, pervasive child neglect, as the foods we supply and feed our children have led to an obesity epidemic; and how the lack of movement (through the proliferation of electronic devices) contributes to make it worse. She makes some excellent points through storytelling, fact sharing, and solution presentation.

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project includes supporting solutions for abuse and neglect in all it's forms. Some might say that the industries who create and promote products that contribute to this type of widespread neglect of our children's wellness are abusers. If that is accepted as truth, than we are abusers ourselves for being "oh so willing" consumer participants (silent partners). It's hard to point the finger at someone when there's one pointing right back at us. It's 2012. It's time to get real honest, put the judgment aside, and do what we can when we can. There are days when I don't want to do squat, and don't. I try not to feel guilty about being human. Today, I'm using my energy to create this post. It's my choice. My contribution. It feels like sweat equity with the compensation being evidence of solutions like Let's Move.

Some of you have experienced the benefits of energy for your own personal well-being through  healing arts practitioners (The Healing Artist Studio), Reiki Masters, Holistic Health practitioners, Medical Physicians, Feng Shui practitioners, Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, and other's who are masters at using energy (kinetic and potential energy forms: sound, light, heat, mechanical, gravitational, geopathic, electrical, chemical, nuclear, atomic, and one's we have yet to discover).

In the post titled "Top Sites Sharing & Playing Music Dedicated To the Heal Child Abuse Music Project," we learned that this project is experiencing success at generating high-focused intention energy using music (sound) vibratons for abuse/neglect solutions. Although I am one person, I show up here when I can to post the solutions and attempts at solutions I discover, but my eyes and ears are not everywhere, so please do send me news of innovative, creative solutions you discover that can be shared here.

We are creative geniuses. This project supports our coming up with a variety of solutions (such as the Let's Move movement championed by Michelle Obama that looks beyond our differences and joins us together in a common vision.

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