03 December 2011

SoundCloud Members Invited To Share Tracks For Heal Child Abuse Music Project

SoundCloud members have begun to share song tracks dedicated to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project in the group created on the international service based in Germany. Any SoundCloud member can do so by uploading and sharing tracks to which they own the copyright or for tracks that are under Creative Common licenses.

SoundCloud offers free and paid accounts, so anyone can join and share music. Group members may also arrange, produce or remix versions of Where's It At? available in and to the Group if they choose.

The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project would like to hold a competition at SoundCloud in 2012. Details will be posted when available.

A huge thanks goes to the following Group Contributors:

- The Dream CD, Ambient Lo-Fi Ultra Chillout Melodies | Chillout (Randy Charles, Uplift.fm)
- Flicker | Pop | Alternative | Acoustic (Calling August)
- Get Mine ft. Lil Matt Man | Pop | Alternative | Acoustic (Calling August)

Another big thanks to the following Group Members:

- djdumas.com
- James Wright 5
- alyaivanova
- Vocal Day Promo
- Calling August
- JayMac DAMN!
- Divinwoken
- KiTeMoDe

Image Credit: SoundCloud.com, all rights reserved to SoundCloud.

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