03 December 2011

The Top Supporters for the Heal Child Abuse Music Project (November 2011)

What are the TOP Locations from which people came to support the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project in November 2011? 
The United States is still holding strong as the Top Supporter of this blog by visiting, listening to the music, and sharing our vision with others. Eastern Europe is represented in the Top Five (#2 and #4). Do note that the last music contributor to this project who provided an improvisation piano jazz arrangement of ALL MY LIFE, is French and resides in the U.K. The next post for the Top locations will feature the statistics for the entire 2011 year.
Here are the official statistics on audience locations in November 2011.
1) U.S.
2) Russia
3) Germany
4) Latvia
5) Argentina/France/U.K. (Tie)
6) Australia/Belgium/Canada (Tie)
Search Keywords in November 2011:
- healchildabuse.blogspot.com (Google Rank: First page, Full page)
- child abuse music
(Google Rank: First Page, Item #10)
- top ten child abuse songs
(Google Rank: First Page, Item #10)
- why use music to heal abused children (Google Rank: First Page, Item #10)
♥ & Gratitude.

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