14 June 2011

Listen, Download, Record & Drop Your New Track!

Send me your tracks

REVISED Sunday, July 3, 2011: This is a DROPBOX for the "All My Life" and "Where's It At?" tracks you are submitting to this project powered by SoundCloud.com. Just drop your MP3 track right here into the box for this project, or use this DROPBOX LINK.

Tracks you submit will be reviewed by Val and put into rotation in the playlist set on SoundCloud, and shared via her e-newsletter (sign-up for it here), her ReverbNation.com Street Teamers, plus professional (LinkedIn, IMRadio) and social network accounts (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter). Make sure you provide a link to your site or profile so listeners can discover more about you!

Also, remember to send Val the links to sites where you have shared any version of "All My Life" or "Where's It At" in rotation. An event is being planned for the future on Creator's Parrot Channel on Blog Talk Radio that will feature the music artists and new versions of the songs contributed to this project, so there's time to produce, arrange, remix, and record your new versions of the songs!

LISTEN to and DOWNLOAD the existing tracks for this project. 

"All My Life" and "Where's It At" are copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. Review the license from the link below. Include a link to this project page to help spread the word about this special, transformation campaign.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

Contact Val for commercial use of a song related to this project.

Thank you to the following artists who have participated in this part of the project to date:

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