04 August 2011

Become A New Breed of Philanthropist By Supporting The Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

Credit: Elliot Bay Productions (Producer, Director, Editor)

You are a philanthropist. So am I. You are a partner. So am I. We are philanthropists and partners through our participation in the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project. We believe that we can change the world by directing and intending ENERGY: our precious, powerful, manifesting quantum energy toward ending child abuse on our planet through SOLUTIONS. This project gives and let's others give back!

These solutions will be global, innovative, pioneering, and challenging because they must be loving, caring, successful and include people who are abusers as part of them. Our legal system has a limited capacity to address and heal the underlying roots of child abuse. These solutions will draw upon the creative expertise of health and wellness practitioners across multiple industries, lightworkers, healers, spiritual coaches and mentors, music artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, visual artists, and YOU by playing the music, sharing the music, being a partner in ways to expand the reach of this project, posting comments here, and any other enlightened ideas that come your way to illuminate our path.

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So be it! And so say we all! Kadoish! Adenoi! Elohim! Wiracocha! Talawuclah! Blessed Be! Amen! Aten!

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