12 April 2011

Five Indie Feature Films Focused On Child Abuse Themes

Major evidence has been appearing in the film world that you all are doing GREAT sustaining the energy surging for child abuse solutions. Continue to visit this project, share this project, play "All My Life (Nu Jazz, Briarus Remix)," and use the ReverbNation music widget to further our intention on your websites, blogs and in your emails to family and friends.

Within two months, I have learned about five independent feature film projects with child abuse themes via my LinkedIn account. That's right. I said not one, not two, but FIVE (5) feature films. And although it's not a feature film, Oprah hosted a very special show entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward" a few months ago on which she hosted 200 men who were sexually abused and on the path to healing. It was groundbreaking and incredibly powerful. Her special guest was the actor/producer/writer Tyler Perry, who had recently shared his sexual abuse story in the media.

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