09 September 2013

Producer & Remixer Jason Bullington Working on House Version of "WHERE'S IT AT?"

JASON BULLINGTON, Senior Vice President of Windfall Music Management Investments & Entertainment, LLC, is working on a House Music version of "Where's It At?", another song that is dedicated to the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project.

So far, he has put time and energy into an Electronic House version, sent me a sample to check out, and is now producing another sample to consider for this project. I will post these samples when Jason gives me the okay.

Since Jason is also in the film industry, I let him know that the director/filmmaker of a new feature film reached out to me about including music from this project in it. Jason is preparing samples that I can share with the director, and Jason can then fully produce the best sample for inclusion in the soundtrack. That's what this project is about: collaborating, producing, sharing and playing the music infused with love and healing vibrations to end child abuse.

- Listen to the original, a capella version of "Where's It At?"

Jason is currently a contestant in the Natural Born Hitters Remix Contest and could use our help. CLICK HERE to vote for Jason by LIKING his remix. This project is happy to support Jason. It's all about giving and receiving--good karma.

Thank you so much, Jason, for being a power of example and contributing to Reach 4 Freedom!

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