20 June 2012

Twitter Post About Arnaud Quercy Including "All My Life" in Classical Music Picked Up By "Collaboration" E-Newspaper

Collaboration published by Tim Harrap featured "Heal Child Abuse Music Project Collaboration: "All My Life" to Become Part of a Classical Composition" in the Headlines section in their Wednesday, June 20, 2012 edition. The e-newspaper is dedicated to sharing news about a variety of collaboration projects around the globe in categories including technology, education, arts & entertainment, leisure, and business.

It's good to know that our Twitter tweets are continuing to be read, links are being clicked, and online publishers are finding the content newsworthy.

Much gratitude to @Tim_Harrap for informing his readers about this new collaboration with Arnaud from his home in France.


  1. Arnaud! It's a good thing I've begun to check my Twitter account again. I know your composition will be great. Please do post your Twitter account name here so people can find you there if you wish to do so. Thanks! ~Val