01 February 2013

Heal Child Abuse Music Project Collaboration: "All My Life" to Become Part of a Classical Composition

"All My Life" will be included in a classical composition by Arnaud Quercy as part of (what began as) his Piano Jazz Project. Arnaud has garnered a loyal global following for him and his project on YouTube. When you read the most recent statistics for the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project (if you haven't already done so), you will discover that Arnaud's project is the second (2nd) Top Site that supports this project due to his Piano Jazz Improvisation of "All My Life".

He is an example of commitment to a "higher calling" to one's passions and beliefs. For many years, Arnaud was employed in the banking industry. While sharing about his dream of becoming a jazz pianist with a friend, he was offered a challenge to follow his dream: the Arnaud Quercy Piano Jazz Project is the result. He's come a long way, and now, he find's himself attracted to classical compositions. A melody from "All My Life" will be included in his first classical piano composition planned to be completed by Summer 2013.

Merci Arnaud!

Here's Arnaud playing Bach at week #30.

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