15 March 2010

Creator's Parrot Channel Dedicated to Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

Creator's Parrot Channel Interview Program on Blog Talk Radio Attracts Celebrity and Independent Artists, Professionals in Arts and Entertainment, Healing Arts and Social Media To Impact Child Abuse

Sunday Brunch: The First and Last Song on Creator's Parrot Channel airing live bi-monthly on Blog Talk Radio from Newburgh, NY has had a successful beginning integrating celebrity and independent music artists and professionals; authors; healing artists, and social media professionals. The series is moving forward with more shows. Valerie Michele Oliver, the producer and host of the series, established Creator's Parrot Channel as a resource to support her interests and to generate healing energy for answers and solutions to child abuse on the planet, including this project: Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

Interviews on Creator's Parrot Channel conducted with music artists on the January 24 and February 7, 2010 shows have received close to 1,300 listens for these initial shows within less than one month (live and podcast on-demand inclusive). The Channel's profile page to date had approximately 5,000 views following both shows. These accomplishments occurred without an advertising or publicity budget. READ MORE . . . 

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