07 February 2010


CoCo O'Connor is the first professional music artist to donate one of her songs to accomplish the following goal: Produce a CD for the project to which you music artists contribute your own songs (either already written and released, or songs written specifically for the CD project)

"Hard Time To Shine" is the first song donated to this purpose. It is on her current release, LUCERE, distributed by DeepLife Records from the UK. There are two track versions on the CD.

CoCo and I met through our social networking activities. I saw a post by someone on Twitter who re-tweeted a post by CoCo requesting support on Facebook. CoCo was asking for help to establish a Fan page on Facebook for which she needed a specific number of fans. I did not know CoCo, but that's what we do on social networks, sometimes we support people just because they reach out and ask! I left a message for Coco after becoming a fan inviting her to join Creator's Parrot Channel on Facebook. One thing led to another, and she contributed her song "Hard Time To Shine," to this project.

CoCo is a survivor of a violent crime and dedicated half the proceeds of her first album, TRANSPARENT, to the National Association for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

In November 2009, CoCo was nominated for Best New Ambient Vocalist by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

CONNECT to CoCo O'Conner's Official Web site to learn more about the woman, her music, and interests.

 CoCo on Facebook

Stay tuned to Creator's Parrot on Blog Talk Radio for Coco O'Connor's appearance on "Sunday Bunch: The First and Last Song" on Blog Talk Radio. Tentative date is Sunday, February 28, 2010.

Follow CoCo by using the DROPBOX on this page to contribute as a music artist to the compilation CD to further the dream, or click this LINK TO THE DROPBOX on SoundCloud.

Thank you CoCo for being an Earth Angel for "Reach 4 Freedom!"


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