27 July 2009

Interviewed on TalkingSmoothJazz About "All My Life"

I was interviewed on TalkingSmoothJazz on the 7/25/09 episode about "All My Life."

Here's how it happened: I connected with Aziza Miller, a multi-talented music artist, through ReverbNation. Aziza posted a link on Facebook publicizing an interview with her happening on the TalkingSmoothJazz Blog Talk Radio show. I emailed Terri, the host of the show about "All My Life" and the intent to generate healing solutions for child abuse and neglect by people playing the song to add energy to the purpose.

Terri offered to give me some air time on the show, and asked me to provide "All My Life" on mp3 to play on the air for her listeners.

The interview airs within the first 15 minutes of the segment.

Huge thanks to Terri (Jazz Queen), Aziza, and the listeners who help move the song and energy up on the charts. The dream is to make the song Number ONE!

Listen to the interview & discover Aziza & the show on Demand

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